Kanaka Fails To Start: Failed to initialize 1 or more components and/or subsystems

  • 7010785
  • 14-Sep-2012
  • 14-Sep-2012


Novell Kanaka for Mac
Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 (OES 11) Linux


After installing Kanaka, and trying to start it for the first time, the daemon fails to load and goes to an unused state.  The following error is encountered:
ERROR: Failed to initialize 1 or more components and/or subsystems. Engine is switching to stop-pending state.


XPLAT may be having issues resolving the default server as configured during the setup of Kanaka. Reinstall the kanaka engine and instead of using the full hostname.domainname of the server, configure the IP address of the server or the name of the NCP server object (the latter assumes SLP is properly configured and working).  The engine should now be able to start correctly.

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