Sentinel New User FAQ

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  • 07-Aug-2012
  • 07-Aug-2012


NetIQ Sentinel 7.0 Sentinel Server


Customers that are new to Sentinel typically have a lot questions that are usually not technical in nature.  E.g.  where do I get my license key?  Where do I download software?  etc.  NetIQ has put together a list of questions and answers that will hopefully help make the Sentinel transition a bit more seamless.


Q:    Where do I download Sentinel software?

A:   Choose the product and version from the drop down menus and click search.


Q:    Where do I go to access my license key or regcode for my Sentinel appliance?

A:    Novell Customer Care Center


Q:    How do I register my Sentinel appliance?

A:    See Technical Information Document (TID) 7008005


Q:    How do I get software updates for my Sentinel appliance?

A:    Use the WebYast process by going to this link: https://Sentinel_IP_Address:54984/controlpanel


Q:    How do I get software updates for my non-appliance Sentinel?



Q:    How do I confirm if my Sentinel installation is an appliance or software install?

A:    Open the Sentinel Web user interface (https://Sentinelbox:8443/novellsentinel/views/main.html) Look in the top middle part of the window.  Right next to the “Downloads” ICON there will be an “Appliance” ICON if you are using the appliance.


Q:    Where can I get updated plugins and documentation?



Q:    Where do I get Sentinel documentation?



Q:    Where do I go to participate in Sentinel forums?



Q:    How do I access my on-demand Sentinel training?

A:    Log into the Novell Customer Center at

        (You may need to create a separate login to access the Novell Customer Center.) Select Administration>Order tracking on the left-hand navigation bar.

Double-click the order labeled training.

Click the Registration/Installation link. (This registers you for the training.)

Select My training>On Demand training. (This starts course delivery, which takes about 24 hours.)

Wait 24 hours.

Select My training>On Demand Training and access your training.


Q:    Who do I contact if I have problems with Training or any other issues related to the Customer Care Center?

A:    Send an email to Customer Resolution Team at, or call the team in the United States at (801) 861-1460.


Q:    How do I learn about additional training?  



Q:    If I need additional licenses or other modules how do I contact sales?

A:    1-888-323-6768


Q:    How do I get Technical Support for Sentinel issues?

A:    Phone number: 713.418.5555


        Submit a request on the NetIQ Web site: 

        Submit a request on the Novell Web site: