Sentinel RegCode registration instructions

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  • 24-May-2012
  • 13-Jun-2018


NetIQ Sentinel


Unable to register Sentinel for software updates.

Registering Sentinel appliance for software updates.

Installing Sentinel on SLES.


The regcode you need to apply depends on type of install of Sentinel you are using; an appliance or SLES install with Sentinel installed afterwards.  To avoid confusion as to which Sentinel is being used (appliance or non-appliance), open the Sentinel Web UI E.g. (https://Sentinelbox:8443/novellsentinel/views/main.html) and look in the top middle part of the window.  Right next to the “Downloads” ICON there will be an “Appliance” ICON if you are using the appliance.  
If the appliance ICON is there then the regcode needed will be a 13 or 14 digit number with no hyphens. 
If the appliance ICON is not there then you can still register SLES to get software updates but you will need to manually download and apply the latest software updates to Sentinel.  Please visit Patch Finder to get Sentinel software updates.  Registering for SLES software updates will not give you Sentinel software updates. 
Note:  The SLES regcode is a larger number usually with hyphens.  It is important to note the differences between the Sentinel Appliance and the SLES regcode so you are using the correct regcode.
The preferred registration method:
Use WebYast by going to this link:  https://server_ip_address:54984/controlpanel  and click on the “registration” link.   Enter the registration information in all three boxes and submit.  A registration was successful message should appear.   If there are available updates it should appear in the main window.
If the WebYast registration is not successful, try using the command line method which can also be used to collect logs for troubleshooting registration problems.  In the following examples substitute your actual e-mail address for "your_email" and the actual registration code for "reg_code".

1.       For Sentinel log manager appliance:  suse_register -d 3 -a email=your_email -a regcode-slm=reg_code -L /tmp/register.txt

2.       For Sentinel 7 appliance: suse_register -d 3 -a email=your_email -a regcode-Sentinel=reg_code -L /tmp/register.txt

3.       For SUSE OS install: suse_register -d 3 -a email=your_email -a regcode-SLES=reg_code -L /tmp/register.txt
4.     For Sentinel collector manager: suse_register -a regcode-sentinel-collector=reg_code -a email=your_email -L /root/.suse_register.log
5.     For Sentinel correlation engine: suse_register -a regcode-sentinel-correlation=reg_code -a email=your_email -L /root/.suse_register.log
Note: The same regcode can be used for the Sentinel core, Collector Manager, and Correlation Engine boxes. 

Makes sure you are using the correct code for either the Sentinel Appliance or SLES.  Verify the code by going to the Customer Care Center  If you are not using the correct code the registration will fail.

You will need to login and go to Products\My Products\Sentinel get the regcode.   As previously mentioned the Sentinel regcode will be a 13 to 14 digit number with no hyphens and SLES regcode will be a larger number of digits with hyphens.

If the regcode still does not work or is not available then you will need to contact the customer care response center at 800-529-3400800-529-3400.


The wrong regcode is being used.