Remedy application crashes intermittently after installing NSL

  • 7010370
  • 03-Jul-2012
  • 03-Jul-2012


NetIQ SecureLogin
Novell SecureLogin
NSL7.0.2 HF7
NSL7.0.3 HF1


Application crash in Remedy after installing NSL 7.0.2. HF7.

Crash does not occur if .NET and Flash SSO are disabled for SecureLogin as described in TID 7006772


Install the current version of the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable.


In this case the problem was with the version of the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable installed on the workstation.  Installing the latest version resolved the issue.

Note that the problem also occurred when SecureLogin was not loaded and the same steps were performed with UISPY set to monitor desktop structure changes.

Additional Information


UISpy hooks into the Windows UIAutomation Framework the same way SecureLogin does, and is therefore a handy tool for determining if a  problem is caused by SecureLogin or not.

Unload SecureLogin and attempt to duplicate the issue with UISpy.exe. If the crash occurs with UISpy (and no NSL) then the problem is in the application itself and / or the Windows UIAutomation Framework.

When running UISpy be sure to turn on the 'Structure Changed' events, monitoring at the Desktop level.

In ARUSER~1.DMP the assembly instruction at MFC71!ATL::CAccessibleProxy::FinalRelease+11 in C:\Windows\System32\MFC71.dll from Microsoft Corporation has caused an access violation exception
(0xC0000005) when trying to read from memory location 0x00000000 on thread 0

ATL is a Microsoft library.
ATL::CAccessibleProxy  is a bases class that is used to provide Accessibility interaction - normally extended in some way to provide more specific interaction.

Viewing the stack CMFCComObject<ATL::CAccessibleProxy> is containing class and being deleted.  looking further up the stack shows no clear picture on particular details of some ARUser action, NSL is not present in the stack.

Without knowledge of what control in ARUser triggered the error, the nearest we can point out is that ARUser has a bug with MS Accessibility that appears to be triggered when Accessibility is tracking Window Creation/Destruction.

A similar process should be possible to check with UISpy.exe turning on the 'Structure Changed' events monitoring at the Desktop level.