How To: Remove Nonexistent Workload From the Workloads Page

  • 7008616
  • 19-May-2011
  • 26-Jun-2013


PlateSpin Forge
PlateSpin Protect


After removing a workload it still appears in the Workloads page of the web UI.  Further attempts to remove the workload cause the following errors:
A previous command has made this operation irrelevant
Recent activity has made this command irrelevant


These steps must be followed to resolve this issue:
1. Run the following application:
..\PlateSpin Protect Server\bin\PlateSpin.Browser.exe
D:\Program Files\PlateSpin Forge Server\bin\PlateSpin.Browser.exe
2. Click Connect, then OK.
3. Expand Networks -> Default -> Machines.
4. Confirm if the removed workload exists in the machines list. If it does, follow the steps in TID 7009954.  Otherwise, continue to the next step.
5. If not already installed download and install the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Management Studio Express Edition.
6. Connect to the %MACHINENAME%\PLATESPINDB instance using Windows Credentials
7. If using PlateSpin Protect 10.0.2, Forge 3.0.2, or earlier versions, expand Databases -> portabilitysuite -> Tables.  Otherwise, expand Databases -> protection -> Tables.
8. Right-click on dbo.Workloads and select Open Table.
9. Using the DiscoverySourceAddress column locate the row for the removed workload.
10. Copy the data found in the Id column for the selected row.
11. Right-click on dbo.Workloads, hover over Script Table As, hover over DELETE To, then select New Query Editor.
12. Run the following query:
DELETE FROM Workloads WHERE Id = '%Id copied in step 10'
The Workloads page will update within 30 seconds.  The removed workload should no longer appear on the list of Workloads.