How to manually remove a workload

  • 7009954
  • 05-Jan-2012
  • 26-Jun-2013


PlateSpin Protect
PlateSpin Forge


When using the "Remove Workload" function the job is never executed or when attempting to add a workload a message is seen indicating that the workload already exists.


The following steps must be followed on the PlateSpin Protect Server or PlateSpin Forge Management VM:
Solution 1: 
1. Run the following executable:
..\PlateSpin Protect Server\bin\PlateSpin.Browser.exe
D:\Program Files\PlateSpin Forge Server\bin\PlateSpin.Browser.exe
2. Click Connect, then Ok
3. Expand Networks, then Default, then Machines
4. Locate the workload that needs to be removed. Right-click and select "View Source"
5. Copy the data found between the <id> and </id> tags
6. Open a new browser window or tab and navigate to localhost/platespinmigrate
7. Click the first "here" link
8. Click the "MachineWebService" link
9. Click the "DeleteMachine" link
10. Paste the data from step 5 into the text box and click Invoke. If the new browser window or tab finishes loading and is completely blank, the command completed successfully.
Solution 2:
Use the following steps only if the steps in Solution 1 do not resolve the issue or if there is an exception when invoking the DeleteMachine web service:
1. Open the SQL Management Studio and connect to the PLATESPINDB instance
2. Expand Databases -> ofx -> Programmability -> Stored Procedures
3. Right-click on dbo.DeleteDevice and select Execute Stored Procedure...
4. In the Value field enter the id used in Solution 1, surrounded by single quotes.  It should look like this:
'hexidecimal id'
5. Click Ok
Verify if the workload has been removed from the Workloads page. If not, follow the steps in TID 7008616

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