How to safely resize the disks of a source workload being protected by Protect or Forge

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  • 06-Apr-2011
  • 26-Apr-2012


PlateSpin Protect 10 and above
PlateSpin Forge 3 and above
Protecting source workloads using the PlateSpin Block-Based Driver / VSS-BBT transfer method.


Resizing disks on protected source workloads is not a supported action for Protect or Forge.
This article explains the recommended procedure when source workload disk resizing is required.
Note: If a Windows source server being protect by PlateSpin Protect 10.0.2 or Forge 3.0.2 using the block-based method requires one of its disks be resized it will encounter a BSOD (STOP 0x0000001E) when the disks are resized. This issue occurs as a result of a conflict with the block-based driver packaged with Protect 10.0.2 and Forge 3.0.2 on the source server (psmon).  


Before resizing the disks, the block-based driver must be removed from the source workload.
For Windows workloads, see TID 7005616 for more information on how to remove the driver.
For Linux workloads, see TID 7008330 for more information on how to remove the driver.
Once the driver has been removed, proceed with the steps below.
1. Remove the source workload from the PlateSpin server, be sure to check the option to delete the target VM.
2. Resize the disks as needed.
3. Add the workload to the PlateSpin server.
4. Recreate the protection contract.
Note that this procedure requires a full replication to a new target VM.