Warning- Failed- error rc = 0xC067 , when running Gwcheck with storelowercase option

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  • 25-Jul-2010
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 8
Novell GroupWise 7


GroupWise migration from NetWare to Linux

One of the steps during GroupWise Post office migration from NetWare to Linux is to run Gwcheck with "storelowercase" option. There are errors reported during the gwcheck operation. Example:

Warning- Failed- error rc = 0xC067 
CkGuardian::GenerateStoreNum ==> 23225390 vs 19145764


Check the OFUSER and OFMSG folders of the Post office database to check if you see any unwanted databases. The OFUSER folder contains the user databases, one each for each user. Match the number of users you have in the Post office, with the databases in the folder. You would also see databases with starting with "PU" in the OFUSER folder, however you cannot verify their number *. Check the OFMSG database folder, the message database start from MSG0 to MSG254. You will also have NGWDFR.DB in this folder, remove any other database (.db) entry.

Note: You should not be having any file with .db extension which do not belong to that folder. The .db get adopted to the guardian database.

Once the unwanted database is removed. Run Gwcheck to drop the database from the gaurd. Please follow KB 7006236 for the same. Run Gwcheck again with storelowercase and it should complete with error.

* PU databases exsist for each shared calender/folder for users who are not in the same Post office. Do not delete/move them.

Alternatively, You can raise a Service Request with Novell Support to will help you determine which database needs to be dropped, using Secure tools.