How to drop a user or message or any other database from the guard

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  • 07-Jun-2010
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How to drop a user or message or other database from the guard
How to drop a user or message database from the guardian database
Error CO5D on database


User or Message Database or any other database may need to be dropped from the Guardian Database if the database was existing earlier and is missing now. Dropping the database from the Guardian database will allow it to get recreated. In some cases, database that is existing may need to be dropped from the Guardian Database. If this is a User database, please archive all the items and export all the  Personal Address Books if and if the User database exists. However, if a database is being dropped just for testing and the user database will be reverted back, then do not archive the message. If a Message Database is dropped from the Guardian Database, it would be difficult to archive everything as Message Database is shared by all the users

Please follow the steps listed below to drop the database from ngwguard.db
  1. Rename the database. Rename userxxx.db to userxxx.old or rename msgxx.db to msgxx.old.
  2. Launch Standalone GWCHECK.
  3. Database Type = Post Office | Database Path = PathToPostOfficeDirectory | Post Office Name = NameOfThePostOffice | Object Type = User/Resource.
  4. Type userxxx.db or msgxx.db depending upon the database that needs to be dropped.
  5. Select Structural Rebuild in the Action.
  6. Click Run.
  7. It should display Error 26 or Error 30 in the GWCHECK Log/Screen.
  8. Restart the POA and now the POA should be able to recreate the database if needed. User database will get recreated as soon as the user logs in. Message Database will get recreated as soon as a message is sent that needs to be stored in that message database.

Additional Information

As a useful testing method drop a user from the guard, to create a new userxxx.db in order to test with.  This is helpful in diagnosing if the issue is due to a corrupt userxxx.db. Corrupt, damaged, missing, or renamed databases will give C05D errors on the POA and may need to be restored from backup.  In the event a suitable backup is missing, dropping the database from ngwguard.db will allow the post office to create a new database. 
This method has been used to drop User Database, Message Database, Document Database etc. The above method requires a restart of the POA
If it is suspected, that this an issue with a user database and the corruption has not been correctable using GWCHECK, an other alternative would be to archive all the Items, export all the Address Books, Delete the user, Recreate a new user with the same FID and Unarchive all the items and import all the Personal Address Books. Please click on the link below to create a user with the same FID
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