Users get no indication of unplaced elements in layout

  • 7006056
  • 19-May-2010
  • 26-Jun-2012


Business Service Manager 4.6 May Patch Bundle
Business Service Manager 4.7 April Patch Bundle


The layout view in the BSM client will sometimes not have all the child elements displayed.  Users who have permission to alter the layout drawing will see a tab labeled "Unplaced Elements" in the lower left corner containing a list of children that aren't in the drawing.  However, this "Unplaced Elements" tab isn't displayed to ordinary users, so they have no way of knowing if the layout drawing contains all the child elements or not. 


Corrective Steps
Once a parameter setting is changed, the "Unplaced Elements" tab will be displayed to all users.  Instructions to change the parameter setting follows.
1.  Navigate to the html/client subdirectory of the BSM installation.
2.  Edit the file launch.jnlp.
3.  Locate the property SVG.ShowUnplaced and set its value to true.
4.  Save the file.
5.  Make the same change to the launch.jnlp located in the html/client/template subdirectory.

Additional Information

If, after making the change, the Unplaced Elements tab still doesn't show, try clearing the Java cache on the client machine as detailed inTID 7003525 - Can't login to client, get error "JAR-resources in the file JNLP has not been signed by the same certificate.