Increased PDP / Bi-di / UPD support with iPrint client 5.40

  • 7005740
  • 14-Apr-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell iPrint Client for Windows


The 5.40 iPrint Client introduced increased compatibility with Universal Printer Drivers and Bi-Directional Drivers when used with Printer Driver Profiles. 

Using this update will allow non-standard printer driver settings provided by the HP Universal Printer Driver to be honored with Printer Driver Profiles.


The following components are required to obtain the benefits of this feature:

iPrint Client for Windows version 5.40 or later
The /template/HP Universal Printing/template.txt must exist on the server. This file is obtained by downloading the updated iPrint client.
To download this version of the iPrint client:
  1. Go to
  2. Click the "search patches" button
  3. Leave the drop down options at the default and search for the keyword:
    • nipp.exe
  4. Click the red "Open Enterprise Server" option
    • This option is valid whether the server is NetWare or Linux
  5. Choose the "20 Apr 2010 - iPrint Client for Windows XP/Vista/Win7 5.40 x86-64 x86" link
Linux iPrint Server
The same server requirements listed in KB 7004814 apply to this feature.

iManager Linux iPrint Plug-in

The same iManager iPrint plug-in requirements listed in KB 7004814 apply to this feature.

iManager NetWare iPrint Plug-in

Additional Information

'Invalid Parameter' message is displayed to Windows Vista and later OS's when installing an iPrint printer.  The iPrint printer is installed, but the profile settings are not honored.

This problem occurs if the administrator created the Printer Driver Profile from a workstation running the 5.40 iPrint client or later, but the end user's iPrint client is an older version.  The 2 workarounds are:

Workaround A)
Upgrade the end user's iPrint client version to 5.40 or later.
Workaround B)
Administrator deletes the profile, create a new profile from a workstation running the 5.32 iPrint Client, associate the newly created profile to the printer agent, and instruct the end user re-install the printer.  As an alternative to instructing the end user to re-install the printer, you can enable the Auto Driver/Profile update option for that printer.  See KB 7002435 for more information on that feature.