iPrint support for Windows 7

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  • 05-Nov-2009
  • 21-Dec-2012


Novell iPrint for Linux
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Does iPrint on NetWare support Windows 7?
Does iPrint on Linux support Windows 7?


The ability for iPrint to support Windows 7 comes from updates to the iPrint Client, the iPrint server code, and the iPrint plug-in for iManager.

Brief Summary:
Windows 7 iPrint support is available for NetWare 6.5 SP8 with the iprntnw65sp8b-2 update. Windows 7 iPrint support on Linux is available with OES 2 Linux SP1 with a post SP1 update. The same support support is also available with OES 2 SP2.

Detailed Information:

The iPrint server code must be updated to accommodate the Windows 7 printer driver repositories and handle Windows 7 printer driver associations.

Linux iPrint server - OES 2 SP1:
This updated code is available for OES 2 SP1 with the following server side updates:
64 bit

Linux iPrint server - OES 2 SP2:
This feature comes with OES 2 SP2.

iPrint Plug-in for iManager:
NetWare iManager iPrint plug-in:

Linux iPrint server - OES 2 SP1:
Refer to the same download link as above for the Server code. The novell-iprint-management RPM installation will copy the updated iPrint Linux plug-in NPM file to the iManager packages directory. However, the RPM will not install that NPM. Use iManager -> Configure -> Module Installation -> Available Novell Plug-in Modules to install the newly copied iPrint plug-in NPM.

Linux iPrint server - OES 2 SP2:
The updated iPrint plug-in ships with OES 2 SP2.

Novell recommends that iManager is upgraded to 2.7.3 or later when loading from Internet Explorer 8.

Additional Information

Windows 7 Driver Upload
To upload printer drivers to the Windows 7 repository, iManager must be run from Internet Explorer on a Windows 7 workstation. This requirement exists because the following steps occur when uploading a printer driver to the Windows 7 repository: 
  • The printer driver is temporarily installed to the workstation
  • A Windows API is called to extract the "installed" driver from the workstation
  • A driver .inf file (Installation Information File) is created
  • The driver and INF are packaged in a ZIP
  • The ZIP file is uploaded to the Broker or Driver Store
Because the printer driver is temporarily installed to the workstation, this must be done from a Windows 7 workstation.
Prevent “The iPrint client is not installed" and "Run as Administrator" messages
See TID 7005438
NDPS Support for Windows 7
NDPS is not suported for Windows 7.  There are no plans to introduce NDPS support for Windows 7.
The most prevelant HP print driver for Windows 7 is the HP Universal Print Driver.  Novell and HP work together to ensure each new HP UPD increases compatibility with the iPrint Client.  Novell recommends keeping up-to-date with the HP UPD.