After upgrading to ZCM 10.2.1, Mount Points for content-repo may be lost

  • 7004301
  • 26-Aug-2009
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management with Support Pack 2 - 10.2 System Update
Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Microsoft Windows Server 2008


Windows server with content-repo redirected to another disk, using the procedure in section 20.1 " Changing the Location of the Content Repository on a Windows Server" within " ZENworks 10 Configuration Management System Administration Reference" found at

Following upgrade to ZCM 10.2.1, the mount point is lost, and the file and directories in content-repo are no longer visible


This is fixed in version 10.2.2 - see KB 7004803 "ZENworks 10 Configuration Management 10.2.2 - update information and list of fixes" which can be found at

The following are workaround options

For any server not yet updated to 10.2.1, the best process is either to upgrade to 10.2.2, bypassing 10.2.1, or:
  1. Cancel the reboot prompt at the end of update.
  2. Check if the mount point is gone. If not, skip all next steps and reboot.
  3. Move all files and folders inside 'content-repo' to a temp folder.
  4. Remount the redirected disk to 'content-repo'.
  5. Reboot.
For any servers that have already been updated to 10.2.1, and have their mount point deleted, the process is:
  1. Stop all ZENworks services on the server.
  2. Move all files and folders inside 'content-repo' to a backup folder.
  3. Remount the redirected disk to 'content-repo'.
  4. Copy all the folders inside the backup folder\content-repo\contents\ to"%ZENWORKS_HOME%\work\content-repo\contents", while saying 'NO' to any file overwrite prompt (this is necessary in case any content was uploaded after the upgrade).
  5. Reboot.