Outbound Email Shows Corrupt at Recipient Site

  • 7003654
  • 26-Jun-2009
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 8
Novell GroupWise 8.0 Windows Client


In unique instances, messages sent from a GroupWise 8.0 Windows Client may arrive at the destination in an unreadable form.  The following contribute to the problem, but may not be the cause by themselves:

1.  The message is sent with HTML formatting with a graphic embeded in the message.
2.  GroupWise is acting as a IMAP, NNTP, or POP client.
3.  It is a reply to an original message.

This will only occur when the GroupWise client is responsible for creating the MIME portion of the email message instead of GWIA.  Please see KB 7001239 for instances when a GroupWise Client will create the MIME instead of GWIA.


This is a defect in the GroupWise Client code for GroupWise 8.0 (Defect #514568).  It is being considered by engineering for correction in future GroupWise releases.  Please refer to the change notices accompanying future Service Packs and Releases to determine if this issue has been addressed.

Additional Information

This problem is caused by additional whitespace in the header of an outbound internet message.  The whitespace inadvertently signifies a location for the message to start and the message is read and displayed incorrectly.