When Does the GW Client Create a MIME File on Outbound Messages Instead of GWIA?

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  • 28-Aug-2008
  • 10-Apr-2014


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The GroupWise Client at times can generate the MIME file of an outbound message instead of GWIA.  This can occur in a limited number of circumstances. This is important for two reasons:

1)  When troubleshooting the formatting of an outbound message HTML message, troubleshooting will be different depending on what mechanism creates the MIME.  Was it GWIA or the GroupWise Client?  To determine the creator, the recipient can inspect the MIME header of a message and search for the field "X-Mailer".

X-Mailer: Novell GroupWise 2012  =  MIME created by the GroupWise Client
X-Mailer: Novell GroupWise Internet Agent 2012  =  MIME created by the GWIA

2)  When a MIME is created by a GroupWise Client, there is additional storage overhead required for the Sent Item.  The size of the message can approach almost 1.5 to 2 times the size of the original message.  This fact can also have an impact on outbound messages where size restrictions are enforced.


There are a few times when the GroupWise Client will create a MIME file, but they do not include having that message being sent to an Internet recipient through the GWIA.  Some examples of this include:

1)  Message posted to an NNTP server where GroupWise serves as the client.
2)  Message from GroupWise Client when sent using a different account (POP or IMAP)  as the sender.

The GroupWise Client can  create a MIME when sending an email to a user outside the GroupWise system.  The mail must be in HTML format and include an embedded graphic.