Wake on LAN error after successful device wakeup

  • 7002178
  • 12-Dec-2008
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management


ERROR:  (in ZCC):  "Failed to wake up device"
But the device WOL was successful.


This is fixed in version 10.1.3 - see KB 7002526 "ZENworks 10 Configuration Management 10.1.3" which can be found at https://www.novell.com/support 

Additional Information

After the device is woken up, a ZEN "ping" is made to the device on port 7628. If the agent in the machine had not responded, then this error might occur.  Collect from the server, loader-messages.log from the time of the WOL request, and from the client, zmd-messages.log and netstat to see if port 7628 is listening.  The request takes the form http://devicename:7628/.  Note that the devicename is the short name of the managed agent device, and must be resolvable via DNS or host file from the ZCM server.  The fix in ZCM 10.1.3 allows ping by ip address if devicename fails.