Error when applying System Update 10.1.1 to server or device

  • 7001672
  • 16-Oct-2008
  • 01-Jun-2012


Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management with Support Pack 1 - 10.1


When deploying System Update 10.1.1 devices or server update may fail with:
ERROR:  "The update failed because the pre-requisite update, (ZCM Update 10.1.0), was not available. Download the required update and retry."
When applying the update, the ZCC may show:
ERROR: "The Update for ZCM (10.1.1)
update requires the following update(s) to be applied before it can be deployed:
ZCM Update 10.1.0


If the 10.1.0 System Update is not available, try importing the 10.1.0 update from the 10.1 install media by running the following command on the server:
zman sui <path to install media root>\Common
For example, on Windows:
zman sui d:\Common
For example, on linux:
zman sui /media/ZCM_10_0_1/Common
(Note: for linux, the mount point must not be below root as all users must be able to read and execute)
Use the ZCC to monitor when the System Update Overview shows ZCM Update 10.1.0 status set to Downloaded.
Then in the Deploying System Updates Update for ZCM (10.1.1) Failed list, drill down and for the failed devices selectAction/Redeploy Update To Device(s).
To correct the error in ZCC when applying update to additional devices, first deploy the 10.1.0 update to all devices in the zone.

Additional Information

The reason for the original error is because the 10.1 update is not available and will be needed for some devices in the zone. 
Possibly the Server was installed from 10.1.0 and the 10.1.0 update was installed from the install media (for example per TID 7001161) or devices in the zone are still at 10.0.3 or both.
Applying 10.1.0 update will not backrev existing 10.1.1 devices.  The update checks to see if a newer version of the specified "identifiying package" is already installed prior to starting the update.  If a newer version is installed, then the update is considered applied. 
When the 10.1.1 update is baselined, then the packages will be rebuilt with the 10.1.1 packages.
To force the baselining of 10.1.0 update, you can assign the update to all devices, then ignore all the devices that have not applied it.  This will force the baseline status to be reported, and you can start the 10.1.1 update process.  When 10.0.3 devices get the new assignment for the 10.1.1 update, they will also get the pre-requisite 10.1.0 update.  These updates will be applied in the correct order (though two reboots will be necessary).