HELP information for NetWare Management Agent (NMA - NWTRAP & NDSTRAP) and eDir SNMP Agent (DSSNMPSA)

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  • 18-Jun-2008
  • 29-Apr-2013


Novell eDirectory
Novell NetWare
Novell ZENworks Server Management


Verifying the SNMP alarms / traps that are enabled on a NetWare server.
Verifying the SNMP alarms / traps that are disabled on a NetWare server.
What command line options are available at the NetWare server prompt for NMA and the SNMP eDirectory Agent?


Help information for command line functionality is available for SNMP alarm / trap modules NWTRAP.NLM and NDSTRAP.NLM and DSSNMPSA.NLM. At the server console, type HELP to list all server commands available. Included in the list will be the server console commands for NWTRAP.NLM, NDSTRAP.NLM, and DSSNMPSA.NLM. To get the specific help for each command, type HELP plus the complete command. Example: HELP NWTRAP LIST. This will list the available options to use with the NWTRAP LIST command.
The SNMP eDirectory Agent is configured in iManager, but to verify which alarms / traps are actually enabled or disabled, use the DSSNMPSA command line functions DSSNMPSA LIST ENABLED or DSSNMPSA LIST DISABLED.

Additional Information

To see the HELP options for these modules, they must be loaded. The modules are loaded by:
1. NWTRAP.NLM and NDSTRAP.NLM -- SYS:\SYSTEM\NMA\NMA5.NCF (if NDSTRAP.NLM is not loading, see KB 3753786 'SNMP communication from ConsoleOne and Management agents stops working after installing NW65SP3.EXE.
2. DSSNMPSA.NLM -- Manually load it after the eDir SNMP Agent is installed and/or edit the AUTOEXEC.NCF with LOAD DSSNMPSA.NLM to load when the server is started / restarted.