History of Issues resolved in eDirectory 8.7.3 patches

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  • 21-Mar-2008
  • 24-May-2013


Novell eDirectory 8.7.3 for All Platforms


This TID documents all fixes for eDirectory from 8.7.3 to 8.6.2.  All new fixes are now going into our latest version, 8.8 SP6.
For a list of issues fixed in eDirectory 8.8.x please refer to the following TID:
A list of issues fixed in eDirectory's Security Components can be found here:

Additional Information

8.7.3 SP10 FTF2
DS (10554.64)
- Xplat: Resolved errors in repair when repairing volumes and cluster objects are in the tree.  (Bug 430341\430342)
- Xplat: Added verbose logging to dstrace's +sync flag to troubleshoot unknown objects returning after deletion.  (Bug 447319)
- Xplat: Error: Ignoring request to overwrite future value from entry. Time not synchronized (-659) seen when updating the timestamp of modifersname in IDM environments.  (Bug 456075)
- Unix: New value for n4u.nds.server-state-up-threshold not honored  (Bug 470381)
- Linux\Unix - made a change to concurrency so that the behavior matches that of NetWare (Bug#406041\369952)  (KB 7001188)
- Linux Provide a configuration option to allow admins to keep the port # on network addresses. FLAIM write delay set from 5 seconds to 15 seconds (Bug#369952/406041)  (KB 7001188)
- Xplat: Permanent configuration parameter changes do not remain set after a server reset  (Bug 472444)
- Xplat: eDirectory hangs if a dsrepair is run, locking the database, while ARC is configured.  (Bug 472303)
- Unix: Value set for n4u.nds.bindery-context was not being honored.  (Bug 443388)
- Unix: Bindery objects only returned for those in the server's context.  (Bug 443388)
- Xplat: iMonitor's diagnostic logger utility reports locks as "Unregisted" when internal tools hold the lock.  (Bug 481661)
- Unix: If the nds.conf file has duplicate lines the ndsd script fails with Error: " binary operator expected ".  (Bug 415092) (KB 7001742)
- Unix: Increase the timeout before the ndsd script kills the process to 6 minutes.  (Bug 534894)
- Xplat: Security Vulnerability: Heap Overflow in dhost.exe.  (Bug 545887)

- Xplat: Unable to query objects by structuralObjectClass operational attribute  (Bug 486132)
- Xplat: LDAP Null Base DN Denial of Service  (Bug 524429)
- Xplat: Resolved crash that could occur when using an extensible filter.  (Bug 534317)

- Xplat: "ERROR: Class 'NCP Server' must have a 'Public Key' attribute" seen when running repair and cluster objects exist on external reference servers.  (Bug 430342)
- Xplat: Speed improvement when running " dsrepair -ot "  (Bug 427471)
- Xplat: Increase the frequency of creating the NDO files.  (Bug 528178)

- Xplat: Add SLP error codes to error code listing (Bug 382356)
- Xplat: Security Vulnerability: Accept-Language Buffer Overflow  (Bug 446343/484056)
- Xplat: iMonitor's diagnostic logger utility would return an empty pane when trying to view the log.  (Bug 509531)
- Xplat: Accessing iMonitor's Summary Screen results in high utilization and NDSD consuming memory until it cores.  (Bug 527202)
- Xplat: Resolved crash that would occur when tracing the 'Limber Done' event.
- Xplat: Random crash when validating the tree root object containing acl's with no valid data.  (Bug 541349)

- Unix: New bindery context is not being used when set by ndstrace.  (Bug 518765)

- NDS Console shows nothing when server has multiple ip addresses and NCP is only bound to one IP address.  (Bug 536055)

- Unix: Coring issue when SNMP is registered for an add value event.  (Bug 528060)

- Win: Older version of libhoard being used.  (Bug 539666)

- Xplat: User cannot login to iMonitor if his password contains a space.  (Bug 524682)

- Xplat: Change default port to 8010.  (Bug 534396)

- Xplat: Security Vulnerability: Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability  (Bug 544860)

- Install problems on Solaris (Bug 434040)
- NW\Win32: Resolved issue where htm files were not being installed.

- *Nix: Error: /usr/sbin/dhcpd is not a binary executable seen when the core was generated by DHCP. 
- Xplat: Added -s option to only include the stack information and not the core file.  (Bug 528180)
- AIX: Novell-getcore missing from build.  (Bug 540157)

- Xplat: Would not stop properly
- AIX: not in build (Bug 540157)

8.7.3 SP10 FTF1
DS (10554.44)
- Xplat: Resolved issue where the "Network Address" was still being written to user objects even though "Login Update Enabled" had been disabled. (Bug 412974)
- Xplat: Resolved issue where starting an object move operation during a database repair would leave behind an "Inhibit Move" obituary on the destination object. (Bug 387627)
- Unix: Core in edirectory ncpengine (multiple threads getting a free connection corrupts the free list). (Bug 406276)
- Xplat: Resolved possible heap overflows with the update replica verbs (Opcode 0x23 & 0x24).  (ZDI-CAN-335) (Bug 407275)
- Xplat: Resolved possible heap overflow with the DSV_READ verb (Opcode 0x0F). (ZDI-CAN-336) (Bug 407256)
- Xplat: Resolved issue where dynamic group members were missing if the memberQueryURL baseDN was greater than 128 chars. (Bug 411438)
- Xplat: Resolved issue where set dstrace=*j would run the Flatcleaner instead of the Janitor and vice versa. (Bug 385350)
- Xplat: Resolve issue where excessive failed authentications can back up all the server threads.
- Xplat: Resolved crash that would occur during low memory situations. (Bug 386048)
- Xplat: Resolved crash that could occur when processing SYN_PATH event data. (Bug 404308)
- Xplat: Resolved crash that would occur when monitoring value events and the associated syntax has not been implemented. (Bug 408973)
- Unix: Resolved issue where valid attributes were being erronously purged. (Bug 391267)
- Unix: Resolved memory leak that would occur when unloading module. (Bug 400753)
- Xplat: Resolved issue where dsrepair was misreporting the replica ring count when creating a database archive. (Bug 380515)
- Win32: Resolved crash that could occur when closing log file dialog box. (Bug 410620)
- Solaris: Resolved issue where the ndsimonitor utility was not executing due to invalid library dependencies. (Bug 365195)
- Xplat: Resolved issue where outbound connection statistics were being displayed strangely. (Bug 380574)
- Xplat: iMonitor - Connections - Output - Statistics shows incorrect dates and times. (Bug 380574)
- Win32: Resolved crash that could randomly occur when processing many simultaneous requests. (Bug 407232)
- Unix: Resolved issue where ndstrace would cause high utilization when waiting for input with -l switch. (Bug 412688)
-Xplat: ARC backup on the connection semaphore.
- Unix: Resolved issue where dsbk would not start. (Bug 386562)
- Unix: Resolved issue where file names may have strange characters appended when being created. (Bug 401310)
- Xplat: Resolved crash that would occur when an invalid HTTP Content-Length field value is specified. (ZDI-CAN-312) (Bug 407243)
- Xplat: Resolved crash that would occur when an oversized HTTP Accept-Language value is used. (ZDI-CAN-313)(Bug 407245)
- Win32: Resolved issue where the eDirectory service was not correctly being detected. (Bug 346777)
- NetWare Resolved issue where installing the patch via ZFS would continually loop. (Bug 413108)
- Unix: Resolved issue where packages couldn't be removed if there were duplicate package instances installed. (Bug 384978)
8.7.3 SP10b
The only module updated from 8.7.3 SP10a was DSREPAIR
DSREPAIR (10551.81):
- Bug 391267 - ndsrepair incorrectly purges attributes (Defect #391267 TID #7000430)
8.7.3 SP10a
DS (10554.34):
- Resolved crash that could occur issue when an invalid number of RDNs in tuned name was specified (368835)
- Prevent network addresses being added to objects that don't have it as a schema attribute (379917)
- Resolved issue where Advanced Referral Costing prevented Apache from starting (378880)
- Disable Advanced Referral Costing by default
- Resolved crash that would occur with invalid extensibleMatch filter (373853)
- Fixed ZFS SPKs to allow Zen install of the support pack (NetWare and Windows) (375988)
- Changed the name of APPENDLOG.NLM to WRITELOG.NLM to account for long file name restrictions during remote installs (NetWare) (376911)
- Resolved issue where database entry cache percentages were being incorrectly displayed (378905)
- Resolved issue where services could be controlled without being authenticated (357369)
- Resolved issue where illegal attributes that violated class rules on entries were not being purged (379917)
- Resolved issue where connections would be erroneously destroyed resulting in -625 errors when communicating to the server (378165)

8.7.3 SP10
DS (10554.31):
- Add support for configuring check minimum password length mismatch option (355844)
- Background task "ARCBackgroundResolveTimerThread" was not being unscheduled during Agent Closing resulting in a crash during shutdown (351137)
- Resolved issue where dsrepair would report "Illegal replica number" on dynamic group objects (290649)
- Resolved issue where crash would occur when there was no transaction ID (flaim) (341016)
- Resolved crash that would occur when 'back-reving' DS after applying newer Permanent Configuration Parameters (333536)
- Resolved issue where schema extensions would fail as they are included in Security packages not the eDirectory packages on unix (158683)
- Resolved issue where "Login Intruder Attempts" were being incremented during local authentications when logins had been disabled (288785)
- Add --help command line switch (190796)
- USB fix for backing up threads on the authentication mutex (336116\344280\344286)
- Resolved issue where LDAP event data was not being returned correctly (151294\151303\151321\151345)
- Disable the ds_info feature by default in ARC where it was DS_INFO packets causing -329 errors in ConsoleOne (343464)
- NDS/Xplat: dynamic member qury url extension x-sparse implementation (306741)
- Fix for returning dn of deleted objects with value events (346868)
- Resolved memory leak that would occur when processing 'altServer' via rootDSE query due to duplicate referrals (265992)
- NLDAP 8.7.3.X -601 and -672 errors creating users with password or stream attributes with ARC on (309630)
- Resolved issue where event registration was allowed for users without supervisor rights to server object (297065)
- Resolved crash that would occur when sending oversized dn during extended operation (306094)
- Resolved issue where -n0 command line switch was not being honored (unix) (207182)
- Fix Dib Corruption issue and initialing file descriptor for safe use of it. (339721)
- Resolved issue where "Cluster Resources" would erroneously be listed in Known Server List (330475)
- Resolved issue where IPX referrals were being updated incorrectly (300233)
- Update man page to correct description for "Unattended repair" (248572)
- Added the -ANL switch for fixing continous sync in DSRepair (242156)
- Resolved crash due to incorrect buffer size when using different code pages (294716)
- Return proper return value from NDS SNMP SA. (343214)
- Trap 117 not getting generated. (32800)
- Resolved issue where ndssnmpsa starts too early during boot process on linux (238114)
- Resolved issue where unloaded libraries were not being included in the core bundle (261480)
- Add installed package info into core-bundle (266341)
- CRL Database files showing up as old DIB sets in iMonitor (254990)
- Resolved issue where non trace*.htm files in DSTRACE directory were causing high utilization (and later a subsequent crash) during initialization (330806)
- Add updated iMonitor error code pages including Correct documentation for -765 error code [fffffd03.htm] and -1471 NICI error code explanation (274556 and 276606)
- Allow logging interval and lock threshold to be (262677)
- Resolved issue where data was being displayed incorrectly in languages other than English (290624)
- Resolved crash that would occur due to memory corruption (365330)
- Resolved high utilization issue due to multiple "Connection" header values in HTTP Request (290819)
- Display trace output with milliseconds in timestamp (252965)
- Resolved issue where files were not being laid down into their correct subdirectory structures (NetWare) (366039)
- Resolved issue where packages would not install if the source path contained white spaces (unix) (363925)
- Fix to prevent JClient NLMs from being overwritten (netware) (352262)
- Resolved issue where the install was generating errors when killing processes (unix) (342621)
- Resolved issue with Long File Name support for the log file (Netware) (341500)
- Stop and start the SNMP service and its dependents during silent upgrade\patch on windows. (190747)
- Prevent install from killing the "evhandsd" process and Increment version number of the install script on linux (222006)
- Update Win32 patch installer and Enable verbose output for win32 patch compilation (310026)
- Fix autogenerated NSIS compile script on NetWare and Windows and Fix script version comment on Netware (310026)
8.7.3 SP9 FTF's
(FTF3 - 10553.93)
(FTF2 - 10553.85)
(FTF1 - 10553.79)
- "-785" errors on partition root objects' attributes - Attribute link and orphaned errors in repair. (291853)
Introduced in 8739FTF2. For more information please refer to KB 3940877.
- Core due to memory overwrite in ARC code. (294209)
- "-694" errors when skulking an auxilliary class on an object to a filtered replica. (232757)
- Database takes 3 minutes to open when there is no connectivity. (241654)
- Do not bump revision attribute value on user if no intruder attributes are modified. (228713)
- " -ndb " switch functionality added to Win32 and Unix\Linux platforms. (160130)
- Objects stuck in change cache (continuous evaluation) due to missing inactive replica number in the TV. (221722\255017)
- Objects stuck in change cache and\or continually synching\ being evaluated due to not updating the MTS for an inactive replica number in the TV. (251976)
- eDirectory now has the ability to track intruder retries when turning off login update. (228713)
For more information please refer to TID: 3479868
- eDirectory now has the ability to turn synchronization off for selected partitions. (235500)
For more information please refer to TID: 3352633
- eDirectory now has the ability to log excessively long database locks in iMonitor for all platforms.
For more information please refer to TID: 3812871
- References not being created when a user is added to a group. (220868)
- 64 bit integer syntax flag compatibility for Domain Services for Windows installation when root servers are running eDirectory (272192)
- Thread stack size should be configurable for Thread Pool on Linux. (219386)
- -785 error when ndsd attempts to open database. (FLAIM) (271308)
- Additional ARC enhancements
- Server abends when unloading ds.nlm in ROLLCALL.NLM|RollCallUnregisterName (NetWare) (242447)
- Vulnerability in eDirectory's DNS code. (204445)
- Obituary processing of renames causing LDAP to not respond. (224203)
- Locking related hangs on SMP boxes. (228005)
- Online dibclone fails with a -723 error. (215906)
- Setting login update delay to 0 seconds fails with a -613 error. (219380)
- Double free abend when querying via LDAP a dynamic group. (214750)
- Ndsbackup not deleting all attributes prior to object restore due to Auxiliary class. (223410)
- Change to mutex to help prevent login update threads from getting backed up. (215517)
- Abend in NCAddressIsInBAC when a large amount of servers are in the bad address cache. (216686)

- Memory leak when monitoring ldap modify value events (ie., networkaddress) causing server abends. (264599)
- Memory leak when binding using SASL. (280573)
- Error: -223 not returned to client when password is expired when authenticating against an ex-ref server. (276314)
(Required for iChain)
- Symbols exposed in LDAP server. (283188)
- Core when doing performing ldap monitoring on SYN_PO_ADDRESS. (Solaris) (265438)
- Not able to get version using --version option for ndsd and nldap. (Unix)(157855)

- An abend when running a repair with check external references selected. (268645)
- Ndsd cores running ndsrepair -P and repair selected replica. (Unix\Linux) (231549)
- Dsrepair -sm abending server when attribute is not associated with any classes. (222393)

- Resolve crash when resolving object name.

- Could not create a user with no password in iManager. (208645)
- Volume names greater than 8 characters prevent template space restrictions. (180412)
- NCP Fragment Denial of Service Vulnerability. (195510) iDefense #448201

- Ldapconfig get displays NULL for ReferralUsage. (203780)

- NWCONFIG -DSREMOVE is removing volume objects when authentication is bypassed. (216728)

- Gams causing slow logins when Security Container cannot be resolved. (277128)

- DSBK backups fail after applying Security Services Support Pack SS204. (263071)
- Unloading DSBK during hot ot cold backup causes an abend. (219722)
- Change in DSBK to remove Data Written messages in ndsd.log. (Unix)(203865)

- High utilization in ndssnmpsa due to polling on a stream file. (245354)
- Default logging now shows SendLocalTrap information. (Unix)(140888)
security fixes - iDefense #448201

GETCORE.SH (Linux\Unix):
GetCore fix.
- Getcore.sh now added to the build. (232333)
- iMonitor will not load if the database is not open. (241654)
- Increased maximum limits for the trace logs from a size of 40MB to 100MB and number from 100 to 2500. (284604)
- Support added for the 64 bit integer syntax flag change. (269584)
- iMonitor now provides eDirectory database lock information for all platforms similar to how nwmon does on NetWare. (231606)
- Cache statistics are invalid in iMonitor. Would add up to over 100%. (233656)
- Backlink interval not being set properly in Imonitor.

- Security vulnerability resolved. (290811)
NDSSTAT: (Linux)
- NDSSTAT reports the wrong ring count with > 3 replicas and dual-honed servers. (250894)
NDSCONFIG: (Linux\Unix)
- Typo in `ndsconfig set` output. (248218)
- Ndsconfig will not let you change the port from the default port 524 to one less than 1024. (248226)
NDSCONS: (Win32)
- Can now perform a NCP exclude for eDir on the Win32 platform. (190201)
- Unable to close a port in NDSConsole if it is you current active one. Error -625. (201566)

- Dstrace now shows milliseconds

INSTALL: (Win32)
- SNMP services now shutdown during silent upgrade\patch.

- Dependancy error in Yast on NTLS when uninstalling software due to rename of ntls to novell-ntls in SS201. (281457)

8.7.3 SP9:
DS (10553.69):
- On startup ndsd cores due to memory corruption and a double release of resources. (83020)
- Duplicate password check ignored with "Require Unique Passwords" checked. (97104)
- Objects continually synch after partition merge due to ds not putting latest timestamp in inactive child TV replica number. (155652)
- ndsd shuts down if an error is returned during ndsconfig add -m. (156428)
- Man page created for ndsautotrace utility. (158565)
- Dumping core in windows while upgrading from 873 SP8 to 8.8 SP1 during broadcast to stations. (164396)
- Event system not notifying LDAP persistent search on associated object deletion. (176696)
- Nessus scan of Linux server causes ndsd high utilization. (192595)
- Heap overflow security vulnerability - (197627&195511\197631&195508)
- Invalid free security vulnerability - (197629/195523)
- DoS security vulnerability - (197711\195510)
- Ndsd cores on object name resolve - (203180)
- Ugrading a NetWare 6.5 server running 8.8 SP1 to SP6 during the initial shutdown of products. - (204016)
- (Windows only) - Change schema lock from a R/W to mutex to resolve memory consumption, especially in MidTier environments. - (155464)
- Resolved: Shutting down eDirectory on the Win32 platform would sometimes result in a hang. (189991).
- Added messages in ldap search trace when LDAP skips a "duplicate" attribute (IE., App:Path vs. appPath). (94515)
- SSLv2 disabled in LDAP. (156683 & 182127)
- Search now ignores any search predicates which could cause a syntax violation (RFC2251). (155554)
- LDAP Server will fail if certificate is unassociated unless der file is exported as trusted root. (162974)
- LDAP would return null (EID) on DN syntax instead of converting it to DN (Example: value returned when adding user to a group). (169806/155097)
- LDAP would return non-present values. (170841)
- Log elapsed time for all LDAP operations. (177174)
- Dsrepair speed enhancements, especially on non-Netware platforms. - (83042)
- Destroy selected replica now updates the ndsStatusRepair attribute of the pseudoserver. (168102)
- Incorrect port was added to ncpserver and referal list after repair network address. (186311)
- Fixed the -at switch. (207153\207151)
- Messages now show the progress of object repairs. (122521)
- (Windows only) authoritative schema import. (131153)
- (Windows only) Issues with memory consumption, dhost unloading and concurrent connections and NCPengine in 8737 and 8738, especially in MidTier environments. (155464)
- (Linux only) ndsd cores when ncpengine destroys a NCP connection session. (191182)
- (Unix only) Edir8738ftf_1 install removes ldapsdk & ldapx from ndsmodules.conf. (200329)
We now backup and restore the ndsmodules.conf file.
- User password is displayed in clear text using embox through iManager. (93995)
- Remote code execution vulnerability in httpstk. (205313)
- ICE would not work in French locale. (156011)
- Incorrect privileges assigned when there is no password. (83008)
- (Linux only) Subagent stops after a random amount of time. (142769)
- Restarting the SNMP subagent fails with -255 when other locales are used. (151067)
- Subagent crashes with a segmentation fault. (205042)
- Trap and statistics messages would no longer be displayed if the defs file was not in default location. (208663)
- Ndssnmpsa not starting in HP-UX after applying 8738. (208964)
- (NetWare Only) abend while monitoring verb statistics via proxy - (203184)
- (Windows only) Added switch to DHost Console utility to prevent the prompt from returning until command completes. - (160194)
(Helpful TID on the use of the Dhost Console utility: 3000951)

8.7.3 SP8
DS (10553.37):
- Added ability to configure referral costing method (98632)
- Resolved issue where dynamic group queries would return inconsistent results (100613)
- Resolved issue where iMonitor's obituary report would crash ndsd (102281)
- Resolved issue where the attributes with syntax of SYN_COUNTER would increment incorrectly (such as the "Revision" attribute (114165)
- Resolved crash the would occur at random intervals (119284)
- Resolved memory leak that would occur during dynamic group searches (129666)
- Resolved crash that would occur during the "Schema Check" when running a database repair (131572)
- Resolved issue where incorrect error code of -222 would be returned instead of -16019 when changing a password and NMAS password exclusion was enforced (134514)
- Resolved issue where account funds would become erroneously exhausted (134702)
- Resolved data corruption issue that could result in value buffers being sized incorrectly (142020)
- Resolved issue where searches would produce inconsistent results (143434)
- Resolved crash due to a double 'free (145062)
- Resolved crash that would occur when a connection was cleared and an iteration was still active (148510)
- Resolved crash that would occur when running an unattended local database repair (149960)
- Resolved issue where requests would not fail over to a different server if a -6038 error was received (150633)
- Resolved FLAIM error: -601 which would occasionally be returned when authenticating and using indexes (106082)
- Resolved FLAIM crash that would occur when IDM2 was synchronizing (128327)
- Resolved FLAIM issue where complex search queries would result in indexes not being used, resulting in slow search results (135793)
- Resolved error: -1494 that would occur during initialization of DS (DS.NLM error initializing function AT(5), (-1494)E (114423)
- Resolved issue where the SLP services were not re-advertised via RNRAdvertise once their lifetime expired (117512)
- Resolved issue where the eDirectory service could not be stopped (147112)
- Resolved error: -699 which would be returned when reading the ServerHost attribute (83029)
- Resolved issue where changing the Universal Password via LDAP would fail when using international characters (86777)
- Resolved issue where a subSchema search would not return all class definitions (94515)
- Added ability to set cipher level for SSL binds via the ldapBindRestrictions attribute (95274)
- Resolved error: 34 INVALID_DN_SYNTAX which would be returned when specifying a DN that contained a comma (104847)
- Resolved error: -649 that would occur by having a large number of LDAP connections (113990)
- Resolved error: -779 which would occur when changing the NDS password via LDAP (118254)
- Resolved hang that would occur when performing a query with an extensible filter that contains an invalid attribute (142943)
- Resolved issue where iManager could not authenticate users due to a corrupted user object containing an attribute of SYN_UNKNOWN (151048)
- Resolved memory leak that would occur during LDAP searches (147813)
- Resolved crash that would occur when using a long search filter in an LDAP query (131178)
- Resolved issue where importing remote schema would cause attributes to become broken and client applications would display"Value out of bounds" (84806)
- Resolved issue where the removal of network addresses would not always synchronize to other replicas (115364)
- Resolved issue where illegal attributes on external reference objects were not being removed (117532)
- Resolved crash that would occur when "Checking Local References" during a database repair (128517)
- Resolved issue where the reference cache file 'dsrcache.dat' would erroneously grow extremely large (140761)
- Resolved issue where "Inherited ACL" values that were invalid due to the EID being incorrect were not being purged (144198)
- Resolved crash that would occur when the server was low on memory and a realloc was occuring (120570)
- Resolved issue where the command line client would store the secure connection key on disk (115733)
- Resolved crash that would occur when performing a backup (140239)
- Resolved error: -5994 that would occur during a database restore via eMBox or DSBK (146780)
- Resolved crash that would occur when DSBK is unloaded programmatically (115660)
- Added DSBK for use on Windows (91241)
- Added DHOSTCON for use on Windows (91241)
NOTE: See TID 951 for more information on its use and DSDB for Win32.
- Added ability for sub agent to log when traps are sent without having to enable full debug logs (140888)
- Resolved issue where the enabling or disabling of a trap would not take effect until snmp had been restarted (154330)

8.7.3 IR7 FTF
- Resolved: MemberQuery using a Dynamic Group does not always return consistent results (100613)
- Resolved: Memory leak in dynamic group searches resulting in -649 errors (129666)
- Resolved: eDirectory not reregistering with OpenSLP prior to its service lifetime (117512)
- Resolved: Resolves a core issue (119284)
- Resolved: Resolves a Flaim core issue when using an Asian language (128327)
- Resolved: iMonitor Obituary report caused core (102281)
- Resolved: Core on Linux during create connection thread (130471)
- Resolved: Server not being added to bad address cache - Unix (103940)
- Resolved: Solaris - File descripters exceeding 255 - Cores with additional fopen calls. (106785)
NOTE: See the Solaris install document for more imformation on how to turn on this feature.
- Resolved: Revision counts not consistant across replicas (114165)
- Resolved: DS error intializing "ATInit=5 (-1494)" due to DS initializing prior to NICI (114423)
- Resolved: Zen imaging broken due to ndsmodules.conf being overwritten with patch (114459)
- Resolved: Ndsrepair -j to remove old network addresses not synching to other servers (115364)
- Resolved: Repair not stripping illegal attributes from ex-ref objects (117532)
- Resolved: Importing remote schema on a sized attribute results in no upper boundry (84806)
- Resolved: Abend in 8737 dsrepair while building referernce cache (128517)
- Resolved: Ndsrepair cannot continue repair during schema check - Linux
- Resolved: Context leaks in LDAP lead to -649 errors (113990)
- Resolved: Unable to change Universal Password via LDAP if using international characters (86777)
- Resolved: NLDAP will now display in trace why an object class is not returned due to an attribute conflict (IE, name exists with and without colons) (94515)
- Resolved: LDAP modify with a DN that contains commas gives an error of -34 invalid DN. (104847)
- Resolved: Resolves a core issue (119284)
- Resolved: Core issue starting ndsd when network interface is down (135329)
- eMBoxClient.jar no longer will save the secure connection key in keystore.key (115733)
- eMBox backup tool abends on NetWare using Legato's agent (115660)
- AIX: Adding DSBK utility to the AIX build (113382)

8.7.3 IR7:
(NOTE: IR5 was contained in OES. IR6 was withdrawn and replaced by IR7)
(IR7 - 10552.79)
(IR6A - 10552.64
(IR6 - 10552.60
(IR5 - 10551.78)
- Resolved: Issue where add entry event would not return correct information (95344)
- Resolved: Crash that would occur when performing a query for a dynamic group with a long DN (96300)
- Resolved: -6016 errors generated when a subordinate reference replica is included in dynamic group query which in turn leaves the group unmanagable (97870)
- Resolved: Crash that would occur when managing dynamic groups with Role Based Services enabled (97870)
- Resolved: Memory leak that would occur when performing a query on a dynamic group (83024)
- Resolved: Character conversion error
- Resolved: Issue where ndsbackup was not restoring multivalued attributes correctly (407985)
- Resolved: Issue where DN could be returned truncated when performing search (414242)
- Resolved: FLAIM issue where file descriptors would be leaking on large databases (407764)
- Resolved: FLAIM crash that would occur during skulking and the server was out of memory (373067)
- Resolved: FLAIM issue that could occur during a transaction for future upgrades (407855)
- Resolved: FLAIM issue where complex search queries would fail (410250)
- Resolved: FLAIM crash when using online backup via DSRepair / DSBK / eMBox (84797)
- Resolved: FLAIM -741 errors being returned when an LDAP search was performed on a stream attribute (95719)
- Resolved: FLAIM -150 errors seen in DSTrace when various operations or background processes were being performed (97163)
- Resolved: FLAIM -785 errors being reported when skulking as well as in DSRepair when performing a database repair (97678)
- Resolved: FLAIM crash that would occur when performing a query for dynamic groups by Member via DirXML (85501)
- Resolved: FLAIM crash when performing searches against Master replica (415679)
- Modification: Allowed failed authentication delay to be configurable (88208)
- Cosmetic: Change to display connection messages in DSTrace as Hex instead of Decimal (83071)
- Added: FLAIM Memory Allocater (FLAIM)
- Changed: Enabled Libumem on Solaris 9 to be the default memory allocator
- Changed: eDirectory subsystem name to /var/lock/subsys/ndsd from /var/lock/subsys/NDS
- Resolved: Rare issue with the FLAIM query optimization routine (FLAIM)
- Resolved: Issue that would occur when splitting FLAIM index references (FLAIM)
- Resolved: Unloading DS.NLM would cause server console to display"Illegal request detected by routine kMutexFree" (FLAIM)
- Resolved: -732 error being generated when a group object is modified or added with an owner or group member that does not exist and which causes the server to contact a remote replica.
- Resolved: Allowing [ID_ANYTHING] to be an optional attribute was causing the class not to sync correctly
- Resolved: Renaming or moving would causing the naming attribute to be 'lost'
- Resolved: DS was not returning [All Attribute Rights] on a modify event
- Resolved: Issue where using dynamic groups would cause DS to crash
- Resolved: Issue where ICE would fail due to missing shared object library
- Resolved: Issue where pre/post start/stop scripts were missing
- Resolved: Unloading iMonitor would cause DS to crash
- Resolved: -253 "Bad Station Number" error when performing LDAP search from multiple clients
- Resolved: Addresses of 0 bytes in the BAC would cause problems
- Resolved: Issue where creating an 'admin' object with dots would cause issues
- Resolved: Issue where performing an ldapsearch against a dynamic group object would crash DS
- Resolved: ndsd not starting after applying previous version of patch
- Resolved: The NDSbase package was not installing on RedHat AS 3.0
- Resolved: Issue where DSRepair would not clean up resources correctly if initialization fails (404911)
- Resolved: Issue where the DSRepair Time Synchronization report incorrectly shows "Secondary" against Non-NetWare NCP servers (now reports Non-NetWare) (82988)
- Resolved: Issue with DSRepair taking a long time to repair the database, performance has now been improved (83042)
- Resolved: Issue where 'Time Synchronization' report incorrectly displays time is in sync when it isn't (83078)
- Resolved: Issue where backlink obituaries were not all being flagged as PURGEABLE if primary obituary is missing (93782)
- Resolved: eMBox crashing during backups
- Resolved: DS crashing when authenticating in iManager and a wrong password is entered
- Addition: DSBK for UNIX platforms (83060)
- Resolved: Issue where the eMBox client would hang during a backup (96973)
- Resolved: Issue where eMBox client never start when initiating it from iManager (96910)
- Resolved: Issue where eMBox client would not report errors if Role Based Services were missing (82925)
- Modification: Permissions on /usr/lib/nds-modules to make them consistent with other packages
- Resolved: Issue were the DN part of a referral did not contain the dereferenced object of the DN (VSLDAP)
- Resolved: Issue where the nldap script was missing
- Resolved: Issue to allow NLDAP to start if DIB directory is not the default (83075)
- Resolved: Crash when upgrading the attributeMappingList Abend on an LDAP Group object (95888)
- Resolved: A race condition in which LDAP could deadlock when a persistent search was closed (102616)
- Resolved: Crash that would occur with LBURP and DSTrace (96995)
- Resolved: Issue where changing password via LDAP does not display expected DSTrace messages (83050)
- Resolved: Issue with excessive memory consumption when backing up large number of container objects (406332)
- Resolved: Issue where an alias would instead restore the real object (82930)
- Resolved: Issue with a connection being destroyed when it was still valid (83071)
- Resolved: Issue where an NCP Reply was malformed when a bad Connection detected (83071)
- Resolved: Issue where the NCP engine on Non-NetWare platforms was incorrectly returning "Secondary" for Time Server Type (now reports"Non-NetWare") (82988)
- Cosmetic: Changed the DSTrace +LSTK tag to +DBG
- Cosmetic: Changed NDS iMonitor Login/Logout page to define default background (83002)
- Cosmetic: Changed the NDS iMonitor DSTrace "LDAP Stack" tag to"Debug"
- Resolved: Crash that could occur when displaying reports (405373)
- Resolved: Crash when providing NDS iMonitor with a long URL (94817)
- Resolved: Issue where logging into NDS iMonitor with an ampersand in the password would fail (82928)
- Resolved: Crash in Dhost when using reserved DOS names in URL (93966)
- Resolved: Issue where default clearance was not being set if it wasn't specified
- Resolved: Issue where JAVA.NLM could not unload when patching on NetWare and ORBCMD.NLM is loaded (98299)


8.7.3 IR4:
DS (10551.53):
- Resolved -785 errors during the backlink process
- Resolved crash when moving objects from one partition to another partition
- Resolved issue where an LDAP authenticated connection search will time out
- Resolved issue where Case Exact string searches would not work correctly
- Resolved issue where Limber would report -603 from the Index Manager when the indexDefinition attribute on the NCP Server was missing
- Resolved issue where periodically FLAIM queries would fail
- Resolved issue where pointing an alias to it's own parent object would fail
- Resolved issue where threads would back up behind Reader/Writer locks resulting in slow authentication
- Resolved memory leak in the FLAIM thread manager
- Resolved issue for VSLDAP where searching of subordinate references was not returning a reference in the case of one level searches
- Resolved issue where a Bindery NCP was not returning correct error code
- Resolved issue where local connections were removed without DClient being notified
- Resolved issue where moving an object with an Auxiliary class in a mixed ring would generate a -609 error
- Resolved issue where NMAS and GAMS would not load correctly
- Resolved potential memory corruption issue
- Resolved integration issue with OpenSLP
- Cosmetic change for the "NDS Bindery QOS Mask" set parameter description
- Cosmetic change to versioning string on Windows
- Resolved crash that would randomly occur
- Resolved issue where DSBrowse on Windows would display hidden attribute values
- Resolved issue where containment was not being removed from Auxiliary classes in schema during database repair
- Resolved issue where creating a database archive on Windows would failed with a -649 error
- Resolved issue where the Time Synchronization report would attempt to connect to a server if the server status was 'DOWN' resulting in long timeouts.
- Resolved issue where accessing any eMBox maintenance task would return an error "Internal Error - The eMBox access object is missing" during the wizard
- Resolved issue where eMBox would fail during a Backup or Restore with a DTDException
- Resolved potential NICI security key issues by removing -e option
- Resolved issue where ICE exit error codes were not being reported correctly to the shell
- Resolved issue where schema files that had been converted to LDIF files would generate errors while being imported
- Resolved issue with the ICE DELIM handler where the CSV output was inserting a comma twice
- Resolved issue where the background color was not being set for reports
- Resolved issues where scheduled reports would run at incorrect times
- Cosmetic change to ndsimon.ini
- Resolved crash caused by an escape character at the end of a DN
- Resolved crash that occurred in an LDAP Worker Thread when an object is moved via LDAP
- Resolved crash when processing the LDAP Extension List
- Resolved issue where a malformed LDIF file aimed at changing passwords could inadvertantly delete objects
- Resolved issue where LDAP server would not listen due to -731 error when reading configuration.
- Resolved issue where supportedExtension attribute in the rootDSE incorrectly displays responseOIDs when only the requestOIDs are required
- Resolved issue where the NO-USER-MODIFICATION directive was not being honoured when creating an attribute in schema
- Resolved issue which was preventing an index type of "Auto-Added" being deleted via LDAP
- Resolved issue with Dynamic Groups that contained "dotted containers" in the MemberQueryURL
- Resolved issue with Japanese characters causing errors in LDAP requests
- Resolved issue where "undefined attribute type" would be returned if changing the both the userPassword and another attribute via an LDIF file and the userPassword change was not performed as the last operation.
- Resolved issue where performing a LDAP bind with multiple classes in the filter would fail if one of the classes did not exist in schema
- Resolved High Utilization issue


8.7.3 IR3:
DS (10551.29):
- Resolved a crash that occured when receiving notification of CRC events
- Resolved issue with schema where previous syntax IDs were not being correctly cleaned up
- Resolved issue where obituaries would be lost and not processed against random replicas
- Resolved issue with -608 error occurring when moving object with a custom auxiliary class
- Resolved issue where grace logins were being incremented twice
- Resolved issue with LDAP returning an error 80 when a comparison of a counter attribute is False
- Resolved a CPU Hog with DSTrace
- Resolved issue with the base class on external reference alias objects being incorrectly modified by the backlinker process
- Resolved issue modifying the permanent cache settings via iMonitor which would result in the error "Request: Database Cache Configuration failed (-168)"
- Resolved issue with NWDSSearch always returning -641 with FTOK_MODTIME in the search filter
- Resolved issue where the subordinate count was not being set to zero when a container object did not have any children but the subordinate count was > 0
- Resolved issue with the NDO files not being correctly created when using the "Maintain original unrepaired database" option
- Resolved issue where killing ndsrepair via CTRL-C would leaving eDirectory using the temporary database files (NDT)
- Resolved issue where DSRepair was reporting "Error: Illegal partition for object, merged into parent partition"
- Resolves issue using il8n characters or spaces in the base DN of a dynamic group object
- Resolved crash when reading ACL templates from schema via LDAP
- Resolved issue where the LDAP server would crash if invalid data was found in the ldapAttributeList or ldapClassList mapping attributes on the LDAP Group object
- Resolved a crash in the LDAP server
- Resolved issue with the NMAS Web Client needing to return proper error codes for the Challenge Response method
- Resolved issue with the LDAP server not correctly decoding BER data (VSLDAP)
- Resolved issue where NCP server objects did not have the corresponding icon displayed correctly
- Resolved issue where eMBox command line client was not displaying some information on a Japanese system
- Resolved issue with eMBox crashing when unable to locate default DIB directory
- Resolved a crash when using the"Repair selected network address" option
- Resolved a crash with eMBox when installing or starting
- Resolved an issue where no eDirectory maintenance could be performed from iManager that required eMBox due to a -649 error
- Resolved issue with double-byte characters not being able to be imported to the upper limit of the attribute.
- Resolved issue with eMBox client not able to open a log file (due to error code not being correctly passed)
- Resolved issue that would cause DHost to shutdown/crash with SAL displayed on the stack in the Dr. Watson log. This was due to eDirectory attempting to release a socket already released.
- Resolved issue with NPKI failing to export user certificate


8.7.3 IR2:
DS (10551.13):
- Dxevent was being removed with the 8.7.3 install
- ICE timed out with over 1000 UID's in filter
- Now able to move custom object type extended with an aux class
- Index update to limit attribute text to 128 characters
(Note: this requires a dsrepair - structural rebuild)
- ICE rejected any string that is longer than 64 bytes. Was counting bytes not characters in determining maximum length
- Dhost on Windows will now stay loaded if dib will not open
- Resolved a hang condition when eDirectory is started via the /etc/init.d/ndsd script after the latest Solaris 9 Recommended Cluster Patch
- Solaris given a new geodesic memory manager patch.
- Unable to start ndsd after installing DirXML 2.0. due to ndsd script being overwritten
- File rights changes in install
- We now wait for 30 seconds instead of 15 seconds before issuing a sig KILL during shutdown
- NetMail was not reading certain eDirectory attributes when not authenticated
- Setting synch threads to 16 caused a -632 when opening the dib
- AIX - install not reading the NDS_CONF variable
Changes made in DSLOADER 10551.25
(Supersedes 10550.98 - found in 8.7.3 FCS)
- Large amounts of memory not being released by DSLOADER
(Issue exists in NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 2)
Changes made in DSREPAIR 10550.76
(Supersedes 10550.70 - found in
- Message in dsrepair about net addresses being 60 days old no longer counts as an error
- Can now quit out of a dsrepair: check external references
Changes made in NLDAP.NLM 10552.90
(Supersedes 10552.83 - found in
- Resolves an abend issue after trying to search\modify a dynamic group with only a subset of members
(Issue exists in NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 2)
- Memory allocation enhancements
- Resolves an abend during an out of memory condition
- Cannot create index for attribute that has a colon or a space
- Search for attribute = modifiersname is not returning the ldap mapped attribute
- NLDAP not handling email type CNs with dots "." in them.
- LBURP speed enhancements when creating ou's then leaf objects
- NetVision - ldap events not getting all events
Changes made in EMBOX.NLM 10553.18
(Supersedes 10552.04 - found in 8.7.3 FCS)
- Resolves an eMBox core issue on Solaris
- Cold backup with lock option unable to unlock database
- Schema tool now formats debug messages correctly
- Request schema via eMBox now outputs the target server name in trace
- Now provides detailed messages on schema error during tree merge
- tdsmerge help had indentical descriptions for two different tasks
- Client batch mode now bypasses confirmation message during tree rename
- DSBK.NLM no longer treats all text as a parameter
- Backup displayed progress bytes as a negative number after 2GB was reached
- Getconfig: Current RFL name is displayed in Dec format while last not used is in Hex format.
GAMS - We now scan all authorized ranges not just the firstone
ICE - Dumped core using the -R switch
SNMP - Timing error (-168 or 9) when loading snmp and then subagent
DCONSERVE - Windows - Buffer issue caused ndscons to crash
DSTRACE - Dstrace now has option for the display of milliseconds
- Dstrace.nlm could cause a CPU Hog abend after it's been running for 2 or 3 hours.
HTTPSTK - Windows- Invalid strings are not handled properly in httpstk
IMONITOR - Added config to not display reference attribute values in iMonitor
EMBOXCLIENT.JAR - Resolves getting a "-1" error message on tree merge with two security containers.
NOTE: There is a new memory manager for eDirectory on Windows (Hoard).

8.7.3 IR1:
DS (10551.01 and .03):
(Supersedes 10550.98 - found in 8.7.3 FCS)
- SAP 278 not correctly advertised
- Error -128 in report synch due to not closing a stream file
- Secure Login password history fix
- File permissions issue - Unix\Linux
- ICE times out writing to an LDIF file from a million object search
- Auxclass flag not being added to aux superclass
- Enhanced the calculation of dynamic group security equivalents for attributes
Changes made in DSREPAIR 10550.70
(Supersedes 10550.61 - found in 8.7.3 FCS)
- Veritas skeletonization issue
- Flags in repair log should be in hex not decimal - Unix
Changes made in NLDAP.NLM 10552.83
(Supersedes 10552.72 - found in 8.7.3 FCS)
- NLDAP maxing out on threads due to invalid flag
- Error 306 modifying an attribute with a generalized time syntax
- Buffer overrun in ber encoding
- eDir error 699\LDAP error 80 when exporting an activated driver set that has the DIRXML-ACT3 attribute.
- Leap year time value incorrectly displayed
DCONSERVE - Windows - Buffer issue caused ndscons to crash
DSTRACE - Dstrace now has option for the display of milliseconds
HTTPSTK - Windows- Invalid strings are not handled properly in httpstk
IMONITOR - Added config to not display reference attribute values in iMonitor
NOTE: There is a new memory manager for eDirectory on NT (Hoard).

(8.7.3 FCS = 10550.98)