After distributing an application, app:association trustees have been removed

  • 3416505
  • 01-Apr-2008
  • 30-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Support Pack 1 - ZDM7 SP1 Desktop Management
Novell ZENworks 7 Server Management Support Pack 1 - ZSM7 SP1 Tiered Electronic Distribution (TED)

ZSM is used to distribute ZDM applications to other locations.
In the distribution object, Maintain associations is checked.
In the golden application, there are associations.
Roles, groups, or users are giving explicit rights on app:association on a OU.


When distributing an ZDM application object with ZSM and you have defined for a group, account or a role extra rights for app:association, the app:association attribute is deleted from the OU after the distribution finishes. Administrators are not able to add other users/groups/OUs to use the application.


To obtain a hot patch with the fix for this problem, follow the instructions in KB 3809227 "Updates to Novell ZENworks 7 Server Management" which can be found at

Additional Information

  1. To reproduce this you need 2 OUs (LOC1 and LOC2). In each OU you create a OU ZDM.
  2. Also you need 2 servers with 1 server running a distributor and the other a subscriber. The working context of the subscriber should be LOC2.ZDM.
  3. Start C1 and right click LOC2. Select "Trustees of this object". Click on "Add Trustee" and select a user without supervisor/admin rights. Click on "Add Property". Check all properties. Select app:association. The following should be selected: Compare, Read, Write and Inheritable.
  4. Open the properties of the subscriber and go to the tab"Variables" and add the variable DEST_VOLUME. Please add an existing path.
  5. Create in LOC1 a channel WDRTEST-CH and add the subscriber.
  6. Create in ZDM.LOC1 a simple application WDRTEST-APPL (e.g. start wordpad). Under "Associations" add LOC1.
  7. Create in LOC1 a distribution WDRTEST-DIST. Select the distributor. Check "Define additional Properties". On the"Channels" tab add WDRTEST-CH. Under tab "Type" select type"Desktop Application".
  8. Click on "Setup". Click on "Next". For "Source Root Context" add LOC1..... Check "Overwrite Rebuild only if version number changes". Click on "Next". Select the application WDRTEST-APPL. Click on "Next". Click on "Next". Click on "Finish".
  9. Right click the distributor and select "Refresh Distributor". The distributor will send the application to the server.
  10. When the distribution is finished, check the LOC2 OU. Right click LOC2. Select "Trustees of this object". Select the user added in step 3. You will see that the app:association is removed.