Errors uploading print drivers to Broker using iManager

  • 3229828
  • 12-Apr-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell iPrint for NetWare


iPrint -ZLIB-1 Unknown error
iprint zip/unzip -15 - Unknown error
Other errors that are not documented here are also possible.


Note:  Make sure you are logged on as administrator or a user with admin rights on the workstation you are uploading the drivers from.  Limited user will fail with the ZLIB-1 error.

Read the "Additional Notes" portion of this TID before implementing these steps.
  1. Download the INF Generator tool
  2. Install a temporary local Windows printer.  When asked for a printer driver, click browse and select the printer driver that cannot be uploaded to the Broker.
  3. Run pdrvgen.exe
  4. Highlight the test printer.
  5. Click the "Generate" button
  6. Choose a folder to extract the printer's DLLs and INF file.
  7. Upload the newly extracted INF to the Broker using iManager.
Note: This solution is necessary only for Windows XP.  Windows Vista and Windows 7 already implement a similar technology.
If the HP Universal Print Driver version 5.4 is being uploaded, see KB 7009887.

Additional Information

There are many reasons a printer driver can fail to upload to the Broker using iManager.  Two common reasons for driver upload failures can be read in TIDs 3540206 and 3018152.  These two reasons are scenarios where no drivers can be uploaded, regardless of the formatting of the printer driver's INF. 

The steps in the "Resolution" section of this TID will resolve a problem where some drivers fail to upload to the broker.  The drivers which fail to upload have something in the printer driver's INF which the Novell INF parser doesn't like.  Rather than manually analyze the INF, use the INF GENERATOR tool to generate a new INF that is acceptable to Novell's INF parser.  The INF GENERATOR tool will also extract the DLLs and other files needed by the driver.

One specific INF problem found with the Kyocera FS-3920 DN printer driver is the omission of the [Kyocera] parameter at the top of the "Model Sections" of the INF.  For this particular printer driver's INF, you can choose to use the INF Generator tool (as documented above), or you can add the [Kyocera] section as show below (in red).
; Model Sections

"Kyocera FS-1100 KX"= FS-1100,USBPRINT\KyoceraFS-11000DE8,Kyocera_FS-1100