Unable to retrieve ZCM system updates through a web proxy

  • 3087025
  • 25-Jan-2008
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management
Novell ZENworks 10.0.1 Configuration Management


System update cannot retrieve files through a web proxy.


The fix for this issue requires 2 updated jar files and a few additional entries to to the DownloadApplyUpdate.xml file.
1. Obtain the system-update.jar and system-update-datamodel.jar from

2. Copy the system-update.jar file and the system-update-datamodel.jar file to the ZENWORKS_HOME/lib/java directory.

3. Configure your ZENWORKS_HOME/conf/loader/DownloadApplyUpdate.xml file so that it appears as follows:




***Note, Make sure that there is only one Module section in the xml file, if you have multiple Module sections the update will not appear.

(The directories for linux are /opt/novell/zenworks/java/lib and /etc/opt/novell/zenworks/loader.)
4. Restart the services for the new changes to take affect:
  • On Windows 2003 server restart Novell ZENworks Services Monitor, Novell ZENworks Server, and Novell ZENworks Loader .
  • On SLES 10 server restart novell-zenmntr, novell-zenloader, and novell-zenserver .

Applying the Update for ZCM (10.0.3) will cause that these modifications will be overwritten. To avoid this please create a backup of the DownloadApplyUpdate.xml and then restore it after updating to 10.0.3.

The ZENworks 10 System Update process has been re-designed for 10.0.3. This is fixed in version 10.0.3 - see KB 3486285 "Updates to ZENworks 10 Configuration Management" which can be found at https://www.novell.com/support