Create iPrint objects on OES Linux without iManager

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  • 07-Mar-2008
  • 11-Jun-2018


Novell iPrint for Linux Open Enterprise Server Support Pack 2


Can't create iPrint Print Manager, Driver Store, or Printer Agent using iManager
Unable to upload drivers to Driver Store using iManager.

iPrint management through iManager relies on the following technologies to be configured in a specific way to be successful:
  • Apache
  • Tomcat
  • Certificates
  • SSL
  • Java
If any one of these is improperly configured, iPrint management through iManager can result in errors. This TID will not attempt to identify every possible error and resolution. However, this TID will provide examples of how to perform essential iPrint management functions using an alternative management tool (iPrintMan) that will often succeed, when iManager fails.
NOTE: This TID does not apply to iPrint hosted on a NetWare server.


[ ] Brackets are not to be typed. The text within the brackets are to be supplied by the administrator.

ids = iPrint Driver Store eDir object name
psm = Print Server Manager eDir object name

Create iPrint Driver Store
iprntman ids [ids] -c
ie. iprntman ids cn=myIDS,ou=myContainer,o=myOrganization  -c

Create Print Manager
iprntman psm [psm] -c --use-ids [driverstore]
ie. iprntman psm cn=myPSM,ou=myContainer,o=myOrganization -c --use-ids cn=myDriverStore,ou=myContainer,o=myOrganization

Create a Printer
iprntman printer [printer] -c --container [context] --gateway-load-string "iprintgw PORT=LPR HOSTADDRESS=[ip_address_of_printer] PRINTERNAME=PASSTHROUGH"
ie. iprntman printer p1 -c --container ou=print,o=novell --gateway-load-string "iprintgw PORT=LPR HOSTADDRESS= PRINTERNAME=PASSTHROUGH"

Upload a Linux printer driver (ppd)

To upload a Linux ppd using iprntman from the OES iPrint Linux shell, use this syntax:
iprntman driver linux --upload --from-ppd /path/path/somefile.ppd

Note:  To find a ppd for a specific model printer, use

Associate Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Linux drivers to an existing printer
1. Obtain list of available drivers to associate to a printer. Make note of exact spelling and case:
iprntman driver winxp -l
iprntman driver win2k -l
iprntman driver linux -l

2. Associate the driver
iprntman printer [printer] -m --driver-winxp "HP LaserJet 4200 PCL 5e"
iprntman printer [printer] -m --driver-win2k "HP LaserJet 3200 Series PCL 5e"
iprntman printer [printer] -m --driver-linux "HP LaserJet 8000 Series"

Associate existing printer driver profiles to existing printer agents
iprntman printer [PrinterAgentName] --modify --profile-winxp [ProfileName]

iprntman printer HPLJ4050Floor3-West --modify --profile-winxp HPLJ4050-A4Paper

To view the syntax for the various platform types (Win7, Vista, etc), type:
iprntman printer -h

Upload print drivers to Driver Store using Windows iPrntman executable
  1. Install iPrntMan from /var/opt/novell/iprint/htdocs/clients/tools/iprntman-setup.exe
    • Note: There are two spellings; iPrintman and iPrntman. Take note when each spelling is used in these instructions.
  2. Add iPrntman to your Windows Environment Path
    • Right-Click My Computer -> properties -> Advanced tab -> Environment Variables button
    • Under System variables, double-click Path
    • Add the following text to the end of the Variable value text box:
      • ;C:\Program Files\Novell\iPrint\iprintman
    • Click OK, OK, OK
  3. List the available driver types in the INF saved to your Windows Workstation.
    • iprntman driver --list-inf C:\[PathToDownloadedPrinterINF]\[file.inf]
      • This will list the driver types you can choose for that INF. There may be one or many drivers listed in the INF. Make note of the exact name of the driver type you wish to upload.
  4. Upload the desired driver type to the Driver Store:
    • iprntman driver winxp "[DesiredDriver_MustBeExact]" --upload --from-inf C:\[PathToDownloadedPrinterINF]\[file.inf] -s [IP_of_iPrint_Server]
  5. List the drivers stored in the driver store using the following command:
    • iprntman driver winxp -l -s [IP_of_iPrint_Server]
The example above shows how to upload a Windows XP driver. Replace winxp with win2k for Windows 2000 drivers.  The iPrntMan Windows executable has not been tested on Windows 7.

For Windows 7 and above, there is an alternative tool to upload Windows printer drivers without using iManager.  That tool is iprntcmd.exe.  For syntax and usage instructions, see Resolution 2 within TID 7016789.

Additional Information

iprntman on the server continues to be important iPrint server management tool. Novell is continually improving and enhancing this server utility.  For more examples of what iprntman can do, type the following within a terminal session on the iPrint server:
man iprntman

iprntman.exe, however, (which is installed to a Windows workstation and is listed in the "Upload print drivers to Driver Store using Windows iPrntman executable" has not been developed by Novell for several years.  Novell has no intention to continue development for this Windows utility. There is no support for this utility, but will continue to ship with the server "as-is".