My Support: Overview

My Support is for Attachmate (Terminal Emulation) products only. For other products, go to Support Login.
Personalized support options are available to customer authorized support contacts with a current Maintenance and Support Plan. For more information on using these features, see My Support Help.
My Support Home
Access the My Support home page
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Service Requests
Open new service requests, and view or update your existing service requests.*
Product Updates
Download the latest upgrade releases and service packs.
Maintenance Plans
View your maintenance plan agreements, expiration dates, maintained products, and licensed quantities.
Authorized Support Contacts
View your organization's authorized support contacts. If you are the primary contact, you can also make changes.
My Profile
View or update your contact information.

*To view service requests opened by others on your account, access My Account's Service Requests from My Support Home. This feature must be enabled by your primary authorized support contact. See also My Support Help.