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  • 13-May-2009
  • 21-Jun-2016


license question


Please explain the license facts


The following information might help you understand the licensing facts in SM7.

The Licensing Facts

1)The Service Manager application utilizes both named and floating licenses for all application modules. Service Manager also provides a facility to configure read-only usage of the Change Management module when the company purchasing Service Manager has purchased both Service Manager Foundation and Helpdesk.

2) Service Manager uses profiles along with the operator record to identify the user’s ability to access various modules. When a user first logs in to the system, they consume their Foundation license and all of their licenses for the modules they have rights to in their profiles.

The Named license

This is a license that guarantees a user identified as a named user will always be able to access the system. This type of license requires that each user is accounted for in the purchase of a named user license for both the Service Manager Foundation and any other Module for which they are to be a named user.

The Floating license

Users not identified as named users are considered Floating users when accessing the software. Users that obtain a Floating license will be able to log in to the software as long as all the Floating licenses have not been consumed by others. A Floating user will never consume a Named user license.

The Read-only License for Change Management

If a company has purchased Service Manager Foundation, Helpdesk and Change Module licenses and not given the privilege of using Change in some operator record profiles, a read-only view of change can be set up so that analysts on the Helpdesk can still access Changes opened and being worked without having the ability to edit them. See Appendix 1 for proper setup of this read-only capability.

Enterprise Self Service licensing

There are three modules that provide Enterprise Self-Service Access to users: Self-Service Ticketing (SST), Enterprise Self-Service Knowledge (ESS KM) and Service Catalog (ESS CAT).

· Self-Service Ticketing is unlimited and included with Helpdesk. There are no restrictions on this license other than it must be utilized through Service Manager

· ESS KM is sold on a named user basis

· ESS CAT is sold on a named user basis

In this case, the controls are managed contractually. The system does not have the intelligence at this time to track and count ESS licenses. We currently can only show a drawn down license count in the license report.

To see a snapshot of your license consumption at any point in time, you can run a “sm -reportlic” command from an OS command prompt.