Requested For Fill Query is not bringing back good results.

  • KM723196
  • 04-May-2009
  • 04-May-2009

Archived Content: This information is no longer maintained and is provided "as is" for your convenience.


QCR 31310 and 41402


While on svcCat.disp.item form making a catalog request via ESS, I went to locate a different individual than myself in the 'Requested for' field. It prefills to the current operator but allows the operator to changes it so as to make a catalog order for another person, a new employee for example.
When I overlay the text with text on which to search and hit Fill, the original value returns to the field. For example, the current operator full name = Alisha K Jaffrey and that's what displays automatically in the 'Requested for' field. If I overlay Alisha K Jaffrey with "M" (for Mike) and hit Fill, Alisha R Jaffrey returns. The Fill should have returned many possibilities as "M" begins many full names in the operator table. ("M*" and "Mike" have the same poor results.)
The only way I can get the Fill to work is if I clear out the 'Requested for' field, run a true search, hit the Back button, and then input some fullname criteria (ex: "Mike") and click Fill again. Of course, once a value is selected from these results, the query is again affected.


QCR 31310 and 41402


clear the entry and refill the field with new value