AM-DCIM Integration White Paper

  • KM633509
  • 26-Mar-2009
  • 26-Mar-2009


The following article contains all of the documents related to AM-DCIM Integration


This White Paper covers three areas:

  • It explains the benefits of integrating
  • It outlines the technical solution underlying this integration, and the practical steps needed to implement it.
  • It explains the enhanced user facilities that the integration provides in both systems, and Best Practice procedures for using them

Please click here to download a .zip (2mb) file containing the following:

  • AM-DCIM Integration White Paper
  • AM-DCIM Workflow
  • The AM51-DCIM500.ZIP package referenced in the White Paper
  • AMVisualLinkView.sql 
  • VISTA - Asset Manager Reconciliation.rpt

Note: This integration relates to Asset Manager 5.11 and Aperture VISTA 500