Customer can not get webtier to connect to webservices

  • KM624502
  • 27-Feb-2009
  • 27-Feb-2009


When the customer opens the webtier a different server and tries to login, he gets a Error 404 error. Seems that that if you put the AssetManager.xml file in the conf/Catalina/localhost directory, it will over ride the AssetManager.war file


I have setup two servers; one running Aseet Manager web service and another run web tier. From Web tier, I get the AssetManager login.  When I login in with my user name and password, I get the error message of "(404)Not Found".


The AssetManager.xml file was found in the conf/Catalina/localhost directory.  It seems that the AssetManager.xml file will over ride what is set in the AssetManager.war file


There were two ways to resolve this issue:

  1. Remove the AssetManager.xml file from the conf/Catalina/localhost director


  2. Edit the AssetManager.xml file so that it points to the correct AssetMananger web server

    example:  value="http://localhost:8080/AssetManagerWebService/services/"  make sure that the correct port is being used to point to the AssetManager web service.