Reports in OVPI Builder client show no data

  • KM528102
  • 09-Dec-2008
  • 09-Dec-2008


The Windows OVPI Builder clients for OVPI 5.3 shows no data in any reports. These same reports display data when viewed via the Web Access Server or on the OVPI server Builder.


Response was:401 Unauthorized" and "ClientCommunication Error: Unknown Error


Builder fails to get the right database type when it tries to get the object categories. 


Install the OVPI 5.31 patch on the client machines. 

If only the client Builders have this problem then it is not necessary to upgrade the entire OVPI installation to OVPI 5.31.  Only the OVPI clients machines need to be upgraded.

If any Builders installed on any OVPI servers exhibit this problem then the entire OVPI installation must be upgraded to OVPI 5.31.