Select only for field does not work in Web-Client

  • KM519489
  • 11-Nov-2008
  • 11-Nov-2008


When a combo field is "Select Only" it works properly on the Windows Client, but on the Web Client you can type in values after you select and save - SCR 40416


When setting a field to "select only" in the properties of the Eclipse-Client and logging in to the Web-Client it is possible to edit this field and save the modification
It's expected to select only values from the drop down list.
In the Windows client this works as expected. There it's not possible to edit and save a field which is set to select only.


This is a known issue – therefore a SCR 40416 already exists.
This SCR is created for version 6.2.x, 7.01 patch 12, 7.02 and 7.x