Text Area function of format not scrollable in Service manager (SM)

  • KM518425
  • 07-Nov-2008
  • 07-Nov-2008


SCR 37654


Text area is not scrollable when change order is in read only condition.
Works fine on full client but not on WEB tier
Create a change order.
On the descripition plan tab, fill in enough text so that the scroll bar is active
Progress it to the approve phase.
On the WEB tier, do to the descripition plan tab and try to scroll the text that was entered


SCR 37654: The readonly "Text Area" boxs are not scrollable in webclient. The widget works correctly in the eclipse client.

ISSUE: scrollbar does not allow you to view the contents of the comments field even though you could on the Eclipse client



targeted for SM7.10

Fix: if you remove the ReadOnly condition that was added in form design, the Web client issue does not occur