documentation error in AD SPI 5.30 configuration guide

  • KM517252
  • 05-Nov-2008
  • 05-Nov-2008


in the AD SPI version 5.30 there is no ADSPI-Rep_Mon policy, but the documentation was not updated to reflect this


The ADSPI-Rep_Mon policy was removed from the ADSPI 5.30. However, the documentation was not updated with the same.
Regarding the functionality of ADSPI_Rep_Mon, the same is now provided with the ADSPI-Rep_MonitorInterSiteReplication and ADSPI-Rep_MonitorIntraSiteReplication policies. If the Replication has to be monitored using ADSPI, please refer to the documentation provided for the same in the Active Directory configuration document (hp_man_SPI_ActiveDirectory5.30_Config_pdf.pdf), in the section “Replication Monitoring” on Page 60.