Connect-it 3.90 uses the AutoPass licensing method and is IP specific. In previous versions of Connect-it, the license could be shared.

  • KM515665
  • 29-Oct-2008
  • 29-Oct-2008


AutoPass is now used for licensing in Connect-it 3.90. However, Connect-it can be installed on many machines. Normally, when requesting an AutoPass license, it's IP specific. We'd like a generic license to be used on multiple machines just like the previous versions of Connect-it.


In previous versions of Connect-it,   the same license file could be shared by simply copying the license information and pasting it into the various Connect-it installations on the different machines. Another method is to simply install Connect-it and copy the license.txt file to the various machines in an automated fashion.  This is the preferred method of sharing the license file.

Connect-it 3.90 uses AutoPass which is a different method for delivering the licenses. When Connect-it 3.90 is installed the first time, a license is requested electronically from HP and downloaded to the correct file automatically. The information for the initial license (good for 60 days) contains the IP address of the machine where Connect-it 3.90 was installed. This poses a problem.

There may be many machines where Connect-it is installed and requesting a separate license per machine could be very tedious. An automated license delivery method would be a good method to use if possible.


Call or contact the License team and request an non-IP specific license. The license teams can be found via the following URLs: 


Or you can use the following information to contact a licensing center:

For additional password assistance you may contact one of the following license centers

If your request is an emergency and the time is after normal business hours of your password delivery center, you may contact another center by phone or e-mail to fulfill your request.

Hewlett-Packard Password Center for U.S.A:
Phone: (801) 431-1597 or (800) 326-0411
Fax: (801) 431-3654
Hours of operation: 6:00 am to 6:00 pm MST

Hewlett-Packard Password Center for Europe/Africa:
Phone: (+31-55-543-4642)
Fax: (+31-55-543-4645)
Hours of operation: 9:00 to 18:00 CET

Hewlett-Packard Password Center for Asia Pacific:
Phone: (outside Japan) (+81-3-3227-5672) - English Support
Phone: (within Japan)  03-3227-5264 - Japanese Support
Fax: (+81-3-3227-5238)
Hours of operation: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm JST

For information on obtaining a Temporary