SCR 42213 : Service Manager 7.01(SM7.01) - Resizing columns on views/qbe forms narrows last column down.

  • KM511162
  • 27-Oct-2008
  • 27-Oct-2008


Enchancement request  SCR 42213: When viewing an inbox view or QBE list, if you expand any column, but the very right-hand one, the right-hand column is narrowed down automatically, sometimes so that the last column is unreadable. Can the system instead keep the last column width static, but instead increase the overall table width so that the horizontal scoll bar is used.

A similar action to this already occurs on the next to last column - i.e. widening any column, but either of the last two, to an extent that the next to last column is scrolled off-screen, the next to last column is kept at its original width, just the last column is narrowed down.


Enchancement request  SCR 42213