SDK - TRIM Context Software Developer Kit (SDK)

  • KM510365
  • 20-Sep-2008
  • 25-Mar-2011

Archived Content: This information is no longer maintained and is provided "as is" for your convenience.


SDK - TRIM Context Software Developer Kit (SDK)


TRIM Context Software Developer Kit (SDK)

This document describes the TRIM Context Software Development Kit (SDK). It provides an introduction to the design and content of the SDK, it gives instructions and guidance for using the various tools and objects, and is the logical starting point for the SDK documentation suite.

For those wanting to understand the capabilities of the SDK, this document can be read on its own. For those intending to use the SDK it serves as an orientation and introduction. For a complete technical understanding it should be used in conjunction with the Reference documentation, which provides detailed information on each object, method and property in the COM Interfaces and the ActiveX controls of the SDK.

Effective integration of TRIM with other applications using the TRIM Context SDK requires a technical understanding of the tools in the SDK, as well as a user perspective of the TRIM application in general and (most importantly) a business understanding of the particular implementation of TRIM and any other application for which an integration is required.


TRIM Base Objects

SDK Utility Objects

SDK Enums