SDK - RefreshCache64

  • KM507659
  • 20-Sep-2008
  • 20-Sep-2008

Archived Content: This information is no longer maintained and is provided "as is" for your convenience.



Clears the object of the nominated uri and object type from the cache. If a 0 is passed for the uri parameter, all objects of the type specified are cleared from the cache. If 0 is passed for both parameters, the entire cache is cleared.


Database.RefreshCache64( ObjectType As btyBaseObjectTypes, ObjectUri As Uri )


Name Type Description
ObjectType btyBaseObjectTypes
ObjectUri Uri

Sample Code & Comments

This method is used by TRIM internally and has been documented because it is a published method. However, there is no reason for you to ever call this method and it may cause problems if you do. It won’t speed up anything or improve your cacheing. In the words of our lead developer: “I don’t ever want to see our customers calling RefreshCache64, I’m tempted to make it do nothing.” Please try to ignore this method.

Thanks The API_Support team