SDK - Accessing Records, Locations, Spaces and Schedules from their Barcode

  • KM506465
  • 20-Sep-2008
  • 20-Sep-2008

Archived Content: This information is no longer maintained and is provided "as is" for your convenience.


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Accessing Records, Locations, Spaces and Schedules from their Barcode

It is now possible to access these objects with the Get<Object> method of the database passing their Barcode as a searchstring. TRIM barcodes have the format - the following is a Record from the DemoDB with URI of 17

Object identifier Database ID URI (base 36 padded with zero’s to seven digits)
R 45 000000h

Object Type Object identifier
Record R
Location L
Schedule A
Space X

The Get<object> searchstring has the format “BARCODE:”<Internal or External Barcode to search for> as illustrated below.

' Record
    Dim p_rec As Record
    'Foreign Barcode
    'Set p_rec = m_db.GetRecord("BARCODE:1234567890")
    ' or
    'Internal Barcode - R denotes Record
    Set p_rec = m_db.GetRecord("BARCODE:R450000006")
    If Not p_rec Is Nothing Then
        Debug.Print p_rec.Number
    End If
    Dim p_loc As Location
    'Foreign Barcode
    'Set p_loc = m_db.GetLocation("BARCODE:L0001")
    ' or
    'Internal Barcode - L denotes Location
    Set p_loc = m_db.GetLocation("BARCODE:L450000006")
    If Not p_loc Is Nothing Then
        Debug.Print p_loc.SortName
    End If
' Schedule
    Dim p_sched As Schedule
    'Internal Barcode - A denotes Schedule
    Set p_sched = m_db.GetSchedule("BARCODE:A450000006")
    If Not p_sched Is Nothing Then
        Debug.Print p_sched.Name       
    End If
' Space
    Dim p_space As Space
    'Foreign Barcode
    'Set p_space = m_db.GetSpace("BARCODE:S0001")
    ' or
    'Internal Barcode - X denotes Space
    Set p_space = m_db.GetSpace("BARCODE:X450000006")
    If Not p_space Is Nothing Then
        Debug.Print p_space.FullDescription        
    End If