After applying patch 7.01.066_P10 there are still issues with blank QBE's

  • KM499977
  • 01-Oct-2008
  • 01-Oct-2008


After appli patch 7.01.066_P10, a blank qbe can still be presented when searching records in Configuration Management. SCR42211 was created to address this issue.


'Blank QBE' is presented to the user.

Here are steps to reproduce:

Load the unload for SCR41879- it fixes the modify columns issue with a join query.


1. Select "Search CIs" from nav menu.
2. Select "Server" type.
3. Select "Search Specific Type" button.
4. Select "Search" button.
5. Select "Modify Columns" from list options.
6. Add column from a table other than device (for example file.vgihardware,memory).
7. Select "Proceed" button.
8. The resulting QBE will display properly.
9. Select "Search CIs" from nav menu (new search screen).
10. Select "Search" button.
11. This should return true search on all CIs. Instead you get an empty QBE.
Unlike before this behavior seems to be localized to a single user.
It seems that "Search Specific Type" and "Search" are sharing column definition for QBE. This is apparently causing problems if you define columns in "Search Specific Type" which do not exist for normal searches.


Application issue.



The only workaround at this time is to turn off the modify columns display option.