Value in search screen does not have correct wording (selection)

  • KM496374
  • 15-Sep-2008
  • 15-Sep-2008


When modifying the 'Allow Advanced Find' functionality, the selection in the 'Look For' field is populated with the modules file name. If the dropdown is then selected, the defaulted value is not in the list to choose. This issue is address with SCR42073.


Using the Search Problem & Known Error search screen. The values in the Look For drop down to not show what is expected.   The Steps are as follows:

7.01.053 Out of Box STR's:

1. Login with Falcon

2. Go to Menu Navigation, Tailoring, Doc Engine, Search Configuration Records

3. Perform a True search.

4. Bring up the sla and vendor records and false out the conditions for "Allow Advanced Find".

5. Now go to the Object record for rootcausetask

6. Edit the Common Name to be Problem Management Task - Allstate

7. Save the record. Logout and back in.

8. Load in the attached operator record and contact record. (CannedTest.unl)

Note: Operator record is a low priviledged user that I've given access to the HOME menu so Problem Tasks could be accessed.

User: HELPDESK 7 No Password

9. Go to Menu navigation, Problem Management, Problem Management Tasks, Search Problem Management Tasks

10. Notice the Look For field is pre populated with rootcausetask. If you click the dropdown it's also not a selection that you can choose in the list.