How to delete the JBoss and Tomcat caches?

  • KM495557
  • 10-Sep-2008
  • 10-Sep-2008


How can the user delete the UCMDB JBoss and Tomcat cache?


a. Stop UCMDB server service

b. Delete everything under the following directories:

  1. <UCMDB SERVER directiory>\j2f\EJBContainer\server\mercury\tmp\deploy
  2. <UCMDB SERVER directory>\j2f\EJBContainer\server\mercury\work\jboss.web\localhost

c. Start the UCMDB server service

Note: If this is a BAC system please Document ID KM187292 - How to delete the JBoss and Tomcat caches also see Document ID KM204034 - What can cause the JBOSS/Tomcat cache on BAC to get corrupted?