Sort columns on search screen not working

  • KM491619
  • 26-Aug-2008
  • 26-Aug-2008


1. Login as SysAdmin(Falcon)

2. Click on Change management- Changes or Tasks

3. search changes or search tasks

4. sort the result by number, for change C1, C10, C11..C2 is listed and for task T1, T10, ....T2 is listed.




The sort is occurring correctly for an alphanumeric (character) field. If the sort need to be more sequentially, change the record in the number file to include preceeding zeros, such as C0001, C0002, ... C0010, etc.

In the Service Manager Command Window, type db

Press the [Enter] key

In the Format: field, type number

Press the [Enter] key

In the Class: field, type cm3r

Press the [Enter] key

In the Length: field, type a number such as 6


All future cm3r records will now start with the prefix C0000...

For example, if the next number is 1234, then the cm3r number will be C001234 if the length was set to 6.

Any previous cm3r records will have to be updated to include the appropriate number of 0s. To update the old change number use the Database Manager with the Admin mode and the format.