QCCR1E31232 Advanced Search format displays checkbox with no _library label

  • KM480919
  • 11-Aug-2008
  • 30-May-2011


Advanced search format always displays an extra checkbox with no label


For both the index.do and ess.do advanced search format displays extra check  box in knowledgebase section. Using steps to reproduce, in the Knowledgebase section a check box without a label is seen at the bottom of the selections. When this checkbox is set to true the form will redraw and another checkbox with no label will appear below the checkbox. This behavior can go on indefinately.


1. Login to an OOB SM701 webtier as falcon

2. Drill down to Search Knowledgebases

3. Click Advanced Search

4. In 'In Knowledgebases

.....' scroll to the bottom

5. Notice the checkbox without a label

6. Set this to true

7. the screen will redraw

8. Scroll back down and notice that there is another checkbox with no label

9. This can go on for quite sometime


QCCR1E31232 Has been opened to adress this issue.