HP Operations JMX Metric Builder

for HP Operations Manager for Windows

Release Notes

Software version: 5.30/ June 2008

This document provides an overview of the changes made to the HP Operations JMX Metric Builder (JMB) for HP Operations Manager for Windows 8.10. It contains important information not included in the manuals or in online help.

In This Version
Documentation Updates
Installation Notes
Enhancements and Fixes
Known Problems, Limitations, and Workarounds
Legal Notices

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In This Version

This release of the JMB includes the following new feature:

Documentation Updates

The first page of this release notes document contains the following identifying information:

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Installation Notes

JMB works with both WebSphere SPI and WebLogic SPI. JMB requires either one or both WebSphere SPI and WebLogic SPI, which must be installed and configured. JMB operator version runs only on the HP Operations Manager management server.

Software Requirements

To use JMB and create user defined metrics, you must install the following:

JMB Plug-in for Eclipse Requirements

You can download the JMB Plug-in for Eclipse from the OVO management server or from the HP Developer’s Resource web page (http://devresource.hp.com/drc/resources/jmbdwnld/index.jsp).

Refer to the Getting Started guide (JMBPlugin_GettingStarted.pdf ) for more information about system requirements, installing the JMB Plug-in for Eclipse, and integrating with HP Operations Manager.

On the HP Operations Manager management server, extract the guide from one of the following file:
C:\Program Files\HP\HP BTO Software\install\jmb\jmb-developer\JMBPlugin-Windows.zip

Enhancements and Fixes

To display details about each software enhancement or fix, click the reference number link to go to the HP Online Software Support web site. The first time you click a link, you must enter your HP passport information. To set up your passport profile, go to:



QXCR1000357123: Change of focus to 'Cancel; during Object Name change

QXCR1000363098: Wrong msg displayed while changing Object Name

Known Problems, Limitations, and Workarounds

The following problem is known in the current software release. To display details about each problem (including workaround information), click the problem text. To hide details, click again.

JMB cannot gather OAS metrics
Problem: This release of JMB does not support Oracle Application Server.
Workaround: N/A
Only one instance of JMB can be started at a time
Problem: You cannot start more than one instance of JMB at the same time.
Workaround: Run only one instance of JMB at a time.
QXCR1000337842: JMB WBS tool shows wrong version
Problem: JMB WBS tool shows wrong version, instead of WBS version it shows WLS name and Version.
Workaround: Change the Version using Add and Remove buttons. The UDM file generated will have only the version name and not the application server name. Hence, UDM file will not be affected
Create Template button does not appear while creating a new UDM file
Problem: After creating a new UDM file using File > New > Create UDM file; if you click the Template Info tab in the JMB GUI, the Create Template button does not appear.
Workaround: Save the UDM file and open it again in the JMB GUI using File > Open option. The Create Template button will appear.
The uninstallation process does not uninstall JMX completely
Problem: In a cluster environment, the uninstallation process may not remove the JMX Metric Builder tool group, policy group, and some policies.
Workaround: Delete the tool group, policy group and policies manually from the management server console.

Documentation Errata

There are no known errors in the JMB documentation.


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Legal Notices

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