How to display the attachment collection to email eventout in produced document on Connect.-It

  • KM469499
  • 25-Jun-2008
  • 25-Jun-2008


How to add the attachment collection in email eventout to be able to process email eventout with their attachments?


By default, there isn't any attachment collection in the document produced by ServiceCenter connector on email eventout.


A modification must be done in the cfg file used on the ServiceCenter connector to display the attachment collection.

Firstly the following lines must be added in events section

  // Email attachment
        { STRUCT email
          NODETYPE = EVENT
         { STRING evid
           MANDATORY = 1
         { ARRAY attachments
         NODETYPE = BLOB
         BLOBTYPE = 5
         BLOBFORMAT = SC
         APP = probsummary
         PIFLINK = @{..EventFormatFields.evid}
         { ATTRIBUTE AllFields
         // Remove fields declared as mandatory
          Exception = evid

Secondly on line "#define LINK_TABLES" at the beginning of the cfg file, add : email

See red lines in the complete cfg file to see the mandatory modifications scdbX.cfg