Asian character sets not displaying correctly in scalar text boxes.

  • KM451024
  • 10-Jun-2008
  • 10-Jun-2008


In Service Manager 7, Asian character sets not displaying correctly in scalar text boxes. This is due to using "@" symbol fonts which are variants of the regular fonts. To fix this you must use the non "@" symbol font with the corresponding name.


 Asian characters display correctly, using the Tahoma 8 font.  If you change the preferences to one of the unicode fonts, however that seems to rotate the Chinese characters 90 degrees counter clockwise (for all fields: text and wrapping text).

Here is a sample setup to replicate:

  • Setup Oracle as a AL32UTF8 database.

  •  Load in the out of box data set

  • Login as falcon

  • Go to ServiceDesk, Register New Interaction.

  • In the Description field, paste in Chinese characters. (Either Simplified and Traditional characters).

  • Go to Window, preferences, HP Service Manager, appearance,

  • Change the font to @Arial Unicode MS

Your characters will rotate 90 degrees.


The non “@” symbol fonts need to be used.  The @ fonts are variants of the regular fonts used in word processing application when the text is designed to be read vertically.   You type horizontally with these font variants and it prints vertically like in traditional Chinese or Japanese writing systems (once you rotate the sheet of paper). The Open Type CJK Font Guidelines section in the following link talks a little bit about that, for your information:  All Microsoft applications (Word, Notepad, Excel...) and some other apps (Yahoo Messenger) filter out those @ variants from the font list. 

As an example here are two fonts you can choose:

1. @Arial Unicode MS

Result:  Characters will rotate for virtical typing of a word processor.

2. Arial Unicode MS

Result: Characters will display horizontal.