Product Availability Matrices (PAM) for various testing software

  • KM438391
  • 10-Apr-2008
  • 04-May-2017


PAMs for HP Software Unified Functional Testing (UFT), Service Test vtd based (ST), QuickTest Professional (QTP)


For specific Product Availability Matrix (PAM) of a version feedback, it is possible to review each version's Readme files on each version's installers, for example:

Unified Functional Testing (UFT) v14.xx

Lean Functional Testing (LFT) v14.xx

Service Virtualization (SV) v4.xx   


UFT v12.5x

LFT v12.5x

Service Virtualization (SV) v3.8x 

UFT v12.0x


UFT v11.5x

Service Virtualization (SV) v3.6x - v3.7x

Service Test Visual Test Designer (ST VTD)

QuickTest Professional (QTP)

Service Virtualization (SV) v3.00 - v3.5x


HP AutoPass License Server (APLS) Integration Matrix Document ID: KM01750131