Support Matrices for HP Software NNM, Dev Agent and, NNM SPI

  • KM435153
  • 24-Mar-2008
  • 24-Mar-2008


Support Matrices availability for HP Software NNM, Dev Agents and NNM SPI


To access the Support Matrices for HP Software NNM (Network Node Manager), Dev Agents (NNM Device Agents) and NNM SPI (Smart Plug-Ins), please click on the individual links in the table below.

 NNM CD Release History  NNM CD Release History.pdf
 NNM 7.53  NNM 7.53.pdf
 NNM 7.51  NNM 7.51.pdf
 NNM and ET 2002-04  NNM and ET 2002-04.pdf
 NNM and ET 2001-  NNM and ET 2001.pdf
 NNM 7.51 Device Support  NNM 7.51 Device Support.pdf
 NNM 7.5x SPI - Device Support  NNM 7.5x SPI - Device Support.pdf
 MIB requirements  MIB requirements.pdf
 SPI LTU Product Mapping  SPI LTU Product Mapping.pdf
 SPI & Value Add Releases  SPI & Value Add Releases.pdf

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