Error in RUM 7.x engine, dates_relations table does not exist

  • KM412647
  • 07-Feb-2008
  • 07-Feb-2008


Error thrown in RUM logs regarding the dates_relations table not existing


2008-02-02 09:07:18,630 [http-] ( ERROR - Failed to retrieve dates relations from DB
com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.MySQLSyntaxErrorException: Table 'rumdb.dates_relations' doesn't exist


This is a normal error thrown in the logs due to legacy code that wasn't removed when the RUM schema changed from RUM 6.x to RUM 7.x.


There is no longer a dates-relation mapping in RUM 7.x as RUM 7.x now uses a BAC-like scheme for mapping dates. Consequently, the error can be ignored if the purging is taking place normally.  To check whether purging is taking place, perform the following query on the RUM schema in the MySQL database:

'SELECT min(timeStamp) FROM pages;'

If the date returned should be sometime within the past two to three weeks.  If it is not, please log a service request at with the above details.