ComTrade Smart Plug-in for Documentum

  • KM323541
  • 08-Jan-2008
  • 30-Mar-2011


Product Alert for ComTrade Smart Plug-in for Documentum


ComTrade Smart Plug-in for Documentum

Patches for the ComTrade EMC Documentum Smart Plug-in for HP Operations
Manager (formerly known as HERMES Documentum smart plug-in for HP
OpenView) can be downloaded directly from the ComTrade (formerly HERMES)
web page:

A username and password are required to access the ComTrade patch website.
Each customer who purchased this SPI with support from HP received the generic
"HP customer account" username and password along with the ComTrade patch
website URL. This was communicated in the Customer Welcome Letter from HP
and in the License Key Response information from ComTrade. Customers who
cannot locate this information may contact HP support for the username and
password, provided the customer has purchased both the ComTrade Documentum
SPI and support from HP.

To get a patch, login to the ComTrade patch website and click on download for the
appropriate product. Patches are available in the following format: SW depot for UNIX or
self extracting EXE for Microsoft Windows® with installation wizard.

Also, a personalized account can be provided upon request at:
For a personalized account on the ComTrade patch website, select Download and
complete the online form. (The services provided with the personal account are identical
to those at the generic HP customer account.)