Error: Two Way Communication Error

  • KM315214
  • 05-Dec-2007
  • 06-May-2014


Two Way Communication Error found in the jboss_mdrv.log file.


The following error may be found in the log file <MAMServer install path>/j2f/log/core/jboss_mdrv.log:

Error: Two Way Communication Error: Function two_way_comm_post_message / two_way_comm_post_message_ex failed. Reason: invalid handle. [MsgId: MERR-60989]
Error: Service client with id=803 failed to post a message ,reason - communication error. [MsgId: MERR-29739]


This error is logged only when the MAM/UCMDB service is started for the first time after installation.


Please ignore this error message as it will not affect performance or functionalities.